I really wanna play BnS

Hello Blade & Soul team. this is off topic but i did write on beta forums without any reply. Everytime i try download the client directly from the site or via email link it keeps telling me server not found. I had to remove launcher from computer as it kept failing to update. Been like this for about 3 weeks now. I got a error like this when I did not apply cbt code properly cheap Blade & Soul Gold , you have to apply the code in two different places, once when you enter it and once to apply to your account. If you did not have a code for any of the betas it would give you the same error Buy Blade and Soul Gold .

 Hi i need upgrade my founder but website getting error always ? I wanted to buy but Dont have In Mol point .  just a sec i cant download and play the game for now ? Delgado excuse this game is free or how mucho i need to pay for play the wonderfull videogame. ok ty but do u have any idea where i can download?? Ahhh okok in january 19th they going to give us the link for play and open the betas mmm ty.

 I really wanna play BnS... ive watched plenty videos from youtube.. and this game rocks! hmm.... I have a question.. im from the phillipines.. can i download this game on january 19? is it free? (sorry for my english). Yes. In fact, the full game should be available for download several days before the 19th. And you will be able to play completely for free. Blade and Soul will be free to play with no IP plock except for Russia (CIS region). The game will go live on January 19th 2016.

You will have only two options. This is to play on the NA server or the EU sever. There is no plan at this stage to host a local server in your region. You will play with high latency, which makes it basically unplayable. Nathan Jarrad Conti wow yey! i can download... play.. and its free.. im happy to know that.. looking forward to january... kiki emoticon hmm ill test the latency first before signing in the petition.. but thanks nathan for that info..


I have the Founders Blade and Soul Pack

Why are'nt you giving more beta keys? how can players see if this game is good if only limited players can try the CBT..make it free to play then put some in game cash items if you want to earn money..let more players test if this game is really good so that more players can support and endorse it to other MMORPG FAN-ADDICTS! this game is only for the upper middle class. Cheap Blade & Soul Gold so this game only certain people. It should be in ur Mail box , if not go to Nc support >blade and soul > game support > there u will see the download link!  Same man from Singapore, Fail to connect to server. Before release i emailed them and there is no IP block. probably server side problem?   We want to play this game untill next next year. No. There are no ip blocks, and anyone can play on the servers. The NA and EU just indicate where the servers are located....

 I have the Founders Pack now how do I download the client... can someone please help me. You must have figured it out by now...
But in case you're still pulling your hair out, log into NCSoft, and go to the BnS Support page, it explains everything. On the support forum website.  i just got my account locked due suspicious activity?! what the hell, Blade and Soul Buy Gold i was already having problems trying to use steam games while leaving blade and soul open D: wtf is this can't even summit a motherF* ticket cuz it wont let me logging.  how about they figure out how to tackle the Fps problem.

What fps problems? The game runs so smooth its crazy grin emoticon u might need to get a New rack or download the latest driver or something. i have downloaded all the latest drivers just to be sure. its even been optimized through my graphics card. I have a GTX 780m, 32Gigs ram, i7 intel core, i should run run it fine but when i get the game started 12fps max.  I'm not really sure ! But , mine laptop is only with 8gb , gtx 670 , i7 and I can run it at max setting with 55-60 fps! Mostly at 60 fps except when getting into boss fights 6 man dungeon I get around 50-55 ! U might check ur battery or ur driver!


Blade & Soul really impressed

Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue'' how can I solve this?? Being able to enter and leave open world pvp in a couple of seconds is a terrible system. People can enter pvp when they feel like it, kill some people, then leave in 5 seconds. Amazing combat yet you screw it over with Cheap Blade & Soul Gold a terrible system that lets people pussy out of pvp whenever it's convenient for them. If people choose to enter pvp, they shouldn't be able to leave it straight away.

I got a key for this beta weekend, but I have no idea where to download the client. You can go to the main website and find in support, I remember it was there. Hopefully release won't be this laggy, fps dropping mess. I can't download like many of my friends too
If u've link download Eu server share it or way to buy game.

Blade & Soul i must say im really impressed... i played the korean version and now i see you guys made lots of great changes im loving and i will support this game for sure Some people get pretty unfair advantages to get the keys. I don't like that.  The sites that do actually guarantee you a spot in the closed beta cost money Buy Blade and Soul Gold . The ones that only give you a chance, out of over thousands are pretty low. Both my friend and I had failed to get one, even by chance by email from the official site. they can't publicize the hundreds of websites that were giving away keys, that's on you. MMORPG gave away like 10,000 and all u had to do was go there and click to redeem .  I tried that. One of them (the most recent one publicized on the page) required me to sign in. I did and after that, it led me to some other advertisement page, with no way to retain the user name and password after I return to the site.

 I got mine from MMORPG. Site was slow and by the time I registered and got a key it went from 6k+ to 800+. The keys went fast. the framerate is somewhat lower than the build i played on the China server unsure emoticon i have to play it on medium graphics now... and it seems there is alot less polygons also. Already streamed some beta...will do again later smile emoticon btw the camera can be changed to free motion so we can have a better view shile "flying" or see the front of the character?


I'm a Blade and Soul fan

A & C both underrated players who have stepped up there game. B has been an overrated player who is finally play to is potential. Yeah over rated but has set premiership records, is doing things that players in the last 20+ years have not been able to do. But yeah totally over rated. Another self proclaimed football pundit aka Man utd fan.  I'm a Chelsea fan () but Ozil has been pretty understated, and very good for at least the last two seasons Blade and Soul Gold . It's not 10 assist in 6 games, it's 10 all season Alp Unver. Lol at the people getting mad. I am entitled to my own opinion lol. Only reason he hasn't been better is because he doesn't have a good striker like back in real madrid.  Overrated nahh id say very talented but a bit unlucky.

 Well even though I don't agree either, opinion is still an opinion. No need to tell people to hang'em dammit... ?zil overrated? yeah, sure ... like Hazard, Rooney, Pogba, doesnt exist ... Probably more means he didnt do it last season.Which he didnt.But now he is finally doing it for arsenal.His point is correct. Overrated, more like underrated since everyone seems to think that he's lazy and not influential. He's been massively criticised and underrated ever since his arrival.  Of course he is going to be critisised, It was a big transfer fee he came for.

B is consistent. A and C just good at the moment Buy Blade and Soul Gold . Next season i doubt A and C will do the same thing... Deluded Arsenal fans  David Silva is by far and away the best playmaker in the league and you all know it. There's no debate. Ozil overrated? Ahshhs omg, between 09/10 and 12/13 he was the man that gave most assista in europe, 35 every season, and at least 10 goals, in arsenal his two fist seasons were horrible, playing 20% the level he played im madrid, now the ozil of this season, yes this is the ozil we were especting. He WAS overrated at first, but after his first season he has been stepping up, but when he was at madrid, he was underrated.

Man your outta your mind.........how can you say that Ozil's underrated!?!?!?!?? oh that's horrible. Actually no. It has nothing to do with him being lazy or not. It more has to do with the fact giroud is garbage. You must not see all the work ozil does off the ball. B. Ozil has a better assist per game rate than any player in premier league history. Vardy deserved player of the month though. But isn't it more impressive 2 Leicester, LEICESTER! players can do what they've done compared to a world class player who managed to make more chances and assists than Xavi and Iniesta combined?


update of FIFA game

How about make in update of FIFA game a (Creation of teams) to create any team that we need to play with it in the game pleeease make it in update if FIFA 15 PS3. really so nice, i'd like this team win on 2015 champion c becose he's underrated and scores and assistes. A as an arsenal fan. Butball 3 are outstanding rught now! Tough to chose. James Vardy, he used to play in the 5th divition an now he is one of the best players of the most competitive league in the world!FIFA 16 coins Because playing the game completely, directly affecting the result, leading players. Without a doubt vardy then mahrez....another reason vardy is first, look at his background history where he was before..a factory worker, playing non league football etc and now look at him, its amazing the guy never stops running and working for his team .

How can u not say Vardy for one he's on for a making history and 2 at a team that's let's be fair no one expected them to do this well he's on fire atm but still won't get a start for England. How about Mahrez? cheap Aion Kinah oh never mind, he plays for Leicester City, which is one of the "biggest team in the bpl" Ozil is making history too mate. More assists than any other player in Prem history. Yeah but assists don't really win games mate and there not really one of the biggest teams in the prem there just playing well which I applaud them 100 % don't get me wrong but surely u have to say Vardy atm.
I still enjoy your games and appreciate the art but you need to improve many teams in your game. Gotta be vardy, but tbh mahrez deserves credit for a few of vardys goals. Vardy as no one expected it and scored 5 goals last year and ozil is already a star . A&C for me , B should be doing that anyway being world class and all .


the Killing of comrade Sumharon

I am Brazilian, I have a very bad English, and I am leveling alone. If you really want to play, you can. I know how to use the internet, I tried even youtube tutorials and not only in help. But you don't need to spend hours on google searching about the quests. In a quick search you can find links to guides, even in Aion's forum. (Meliran's guide is there Aion Gold). Like I said, you just need to want.However, what I meant to say is that it's not fair you put the blame on the game. New people can see your comments and believe that the game is hard, that's impossible. And that's not true.

Katy Helen I'm using the blog now, and I found a bit of help. Besides that, i have like the Killing of comrade Sumharon and I cannot do it...i have tried with pet even, i'm level 19 now. I don't know what else. Besides why are there so many quest when you actually need to play less? like everyone in ame has a quest or 2...how can u know from where to choose? There are many quests so you can choose what you want. If you want to level up, for example, will do quests that give more XP. If you want kinah, will do quests that give more kinah. Usually the best quests are the dark blue and yellow.

I don't know very well it works for Asmos, because I play with Elyos. But if the mob is a boss and around him there are other mobs, what you need to do is clean the area outside and then give hits on the cheap Aion Kinah boss while running for the area clean. Other mobs are going to follow you and you can kill the boss easily. If this doesn't work out, try to do other quests that let you one or two lvls above the mobs that want to kill and then it will be easy to kill them.


I'll be dedicating my gaming time to FFXIV

We posted a new blog update that gives the lowdown on all the happenings from the FATE in Hiroshima!Presenting the Patch 3.1 trailer! Patch 3.1 is set to arrive on Tuesday, November 10, 2015!&nbsp FFXIV Gil; Bad time to release the patch with Fallout 4 and the new Starcraft coming out. We posted a new blog update that gives the lowdown on all the happenings from the FATE in Hiroshima!  I thought about that, but then again it's 3.1. I'm all hype for that. I forgot about the overwatch beta also, but not everyone will be able to play it. Right?! Too bad, I already have Legacy of the Void pre-ordered.& Buy FFXIV Gil p; Or a good time depending on how you look at it .

I'll be playing Overwatch, but if I don't get the beta, then I'll be going back to WoW. I'm getting Falout 4 on a Steam sale later and I've yet to play more than two hours of SC2:HotS. pacman emoticon  I don't think they release content patches at optimal times, they patch them when they are ready..I'll be splitting my time between Fallout and 3.1. And by splitting I mean it'll likely be 70% Fallout and 30% 3.1 lol! Still debating whether I should upgrade to the Pipboy edition or not. A wearable pipboy that doubles as a smart phone case seems rather boss. I don't really care about Fallout 4(don't shoot me lol) but will be playing Legacy of the Void. Of course along side FFXIV and I guess Overwatch if I get into beta. I don't only play one game at a time lol.

Personally, I'm not much into competitive RTSs and I've always found Fallout to be grossly overrated, so I'll be dedicating my gaming time to FFXIV, but I know of many other people in my circle of FFXIV friends who state that it's completely silly that they'd ever be asked to "choose" one of them."Fallout sucks." Careful there bud, you almost cut me with that edge. Fucking loser. Calm down fanboy. I've never played fallout nor will I play fallout 4. I was just pointing out other big titles releasing that day.


because of the Guild Wars 2 BETA

Bought one for my brother, and we are hyped to rock Heart of Thorns together! Dear Guild wars! i purchased the original GW2 and HOT-i got 6 character slots with the original game!-How about giving at least 3 or 4 more with HOT and allowing a second toon a full bank with purchasable expansions!-I love the game and like to keep trying different toons and combos!-for Guild Wars 2 Gold my money i have invested-this would be a Great addition!-the bank is needed for all the crafting mats u need to collect.

Got mines on the 3rd of this month now we play the waiting game . And here I am sitting hours away from home at one of my stores and won't be home until late TOMORROW! the world of IT. Already bought it. Can you guys tell us how big the file we have to download will be? I am hoping that most of it will have already been downloaded because of the BETA, but then again i could be wrong.  There have been a few huge file updates over the last couole of weeks. I hope some of that was prep for the launch. DL'ing GW2 at launch was soooooo long and I had a 40meg broadband connection. They are doing that stream client where some of the game will be playable while downloading.

10:30am 23rd for me, (aussie time) How much more is the Cheap GW2 Gold wait? I am in Tasmania and it goes live at 6:01pm for me. Western Aus is 3:01pm.  i know that ,just want some dev response, I guess it's always possible they optimized in other ways. If you have not pre-purchased Heart of Thorns yet, I suggest you look in the mirror and ask yourself why? Because if rather avoid the lag fest that is all mmo expansions for the first week.

ugh the down side of working overnights ill be at work as the game launches (sad face frown emoticon ) i arrived drunk expecting HoT release , but its only in 4hours, now i can only play "not drunk" guild wars , so im sad ;__; I am still waiting to see how it turns out but I am hoping its a great addition to the game. That's the thing, as long as you are updated to the latest update, you are pre-loaded! There will just be a small update tonight to unlock the area but Anet has been adding sections to the game with patches over the last few weeks.


Heart of Maguuma and Masteries

I know that lol, but the people I have talked to in game said that they won't even play HOT when it comes out, because they will be busy with the Halloween event. Warm Service to Buy GW2 Gold and legendary weapons with Most Secure and Instant delivery (5-15Mins) guarantee in PVPOK.COM,PVPOK.Com is a professional, open and worldwide platform.  RIP to my work and social life for the next several months ! I am taking mosquito repellent in the Jungle ,the bugs are big in there. why buy Heart of Thorns for the same price..as anyone who didn't buy Guild Wars 2? So now i pay twicw. When you buy Heart of Thorns you need the basic game Guild wars 2. So you get that for free with Heart of Thorns. So people who bought Guild Wars 2 pay in fact 2x.

 no, they payed for 3 full years of playing gw2:) and now the pay for the xpansion. New players will never experience so many things that happened over the last years... albert your head is empty and you're a generic simpleton, that's my opinion. Emily Schuhmann unless you just started playing recently? like, anytime within that three years? I have a dumb question...will it be super fun for PvE players, too? PvE get more new stuff then PvP players. Because Capture point PVP... You can only do GW2 Gold so much with that. So I'll take that as a "yes" then? tongue emoticon (I'm being jokingly sarcastic). Well, if they take it back to BWE2 level of difficulty, and they said that they should...it would be plenty of fun grin emoticon Even running around in open world was quite challenging...seeing people finally die under champions atks is fairly satisfying, lol.

 Just saying. But if you kept up to date with the info you would know cos each player to their own. Will the original game still work without the expansion, without any in-game limitations as advertisement for HoT? The maguuma was my favourite place in Prophecies and EotN, so much incredible lore, I can't WAIT to find out how things have changed (or not!) also I have a great need to see magus falls again... heart emoticon . I come from the future. The future says release it tomorrow, instead of a week from now. Recently started a prophecies Olay through, really hope to see more familiar places and explorable areas in tyria!


except the dungeons and stuff

 Does this game have a lot of the bots, gil sellers, and crazy low drop rates on hnms? This game is not what you are looking for Adam. It is nothing like FF11. It's garbage Buy FFXIV Gil . If you're looking for FFXI 2.0 this isn't it. The end game in FFXI was horrible. Way to many low drops, some hnm were just camped to death. As I said I don't know a lot about the mechanics of this game. I sure do miss my Paladin/Ninja and Blm tho lol. There no hnms on this game or camping at all its more of dodging mechanics and doing them without a fail sometimes or wipes...and yes this game was alot of gilseller but they just spam you on /tells most of the times , there no gilseller fighting v for stuff on this game, the end game stuff on this game is not as hard core as FF11 it's more casual and get boring after so many time you spam them but nevertheless I love this games and sure miss 11. If u may ask. How is all of the absolute best gear obtained. I lived in Dynamis for my Paladin Shield lol. It was hell to get.

The best gear in the game is usually gotten through the endgame raids which are difficult and normally require a static to run. Gear that is just under the best gear and helps do those raids are gotten through FFXIV Gils a currency that caps every week and it takes months to get a full set that way. Also the armor that is just under the best gear is upgradeable through some sorts of materials gathered in the endgame raids themselves or through catch up patches that are released after the endgame raids which lets you farm for decent gear or upgrade materials. Christian Vilches is spot on. This is more of a wow clone dungeon grind and nothing like 11 was.

Huh. That sounds cool. Is there things to help drops like I used to use my thief with the thief knife and other bosters such as MOG house enhance and such. Are there boosts one can use for crafting and things like I mentioned above? Or is it totally different in them ways? As someone who still has extremely fond memories of 11 (played 7 years) I would say play this. It's not XI-2 but it's still extremely fun. Unlike 11 a lot of 14 is solable except the dungeons and stuff, but the story telling and combat is really top of the line. I would definitely recommend you give this a go.


FIFA players clinical finishing

Just one mental note,Not every team plays like Barcelona,2 star rated team and they ping it around like its Barca,very boring! Messi scores 2 freekick goals on this year and EA puts him in the top 5 buy FIFA 16 coins . Hello FIFA players……Just send an email to EA SPORTS and tell them that you have lost 200 000 coins and they will give it to you.  and you felt the need to comment this on FIFA's page why? Pes 16 is more Arcady than snake. but you can dive ha.   What is wrong with you EA messi can't even score penalties. Erik Madrigal, obviously not since 11 meters and a goalie is too big a challenge for who a lot of kids call the best ever... You do realise he scored a pen yesterday, right? "Football is more than penalties" said no Ronaldo fan ever.

You keep saying Cristiano is a player who can only do one thing but for so many years only Zlatan was a versatile as him, when Barca gets another player who's among the best in buy FIFA 15 coins : Speed, positioning, Freekicks (both short and long range), penalties, headers, long shots, clinical finishing, versatility in finishing (mastering both feet, heel, bicycle kicks etc.) and has his level of consistency, come talk to me and call him a simple player...

He also missed one yesterday as well Mathias Elstrøm. It's a big joke that Rasmus Elm is in the top 10 list, when he haven't played for years... And you give Zlatan only 4* in skill moves now because "he doesn't do it anymore"? lol. This is literally the worst list ive ever seen. James should be here. Depay should not. Bale should be here, and so should alaba. When are you releasing the list of all the new head scans? Finally got something right!! number 1 is they guy I was telling you about from Leverkusen.  remember that guy I gave Ben in the FUT draft we did? Well yeah he the best freekick taker.


Boanca- Good continue to play tera

Boanca- Good continue to play tera then. tongue emoticon I do not like Tera. NCsoft couldn't be any more vague about this promotion. Probably because they are in desperate need for a promotion with absolutely nothing to promote. Absolutely not! I don't want to lose my beautiful mane and my wonderful claws. That's the whole reason I chose Asmodian and it's what sets us apart and makes us what we are. Why would you change one of the most important parts of our history? We're all very proud of our manes and claws, don't take them away. In fact I want to see the manes and claws on the rest of the skins. I hate how most of the skins remove them.
buy Aion gold
please tell server aion 4.8 Aion Kinah no aion phillippines why ...!  idk why people are thinking it's a new race. it just looks like a promotional video that was really entirely too short and had no meaning. The scheduled maintenance for Wednesday, August 18, 2015 will start at 5:30 AM Central. New Event !!!!! you buy items on BCM , and when u open it u get nothing . 18'th is tuesday,, wednesday is 19'th.

You missed the HACKER part...any progress ??? the ar telling just all the time (working on the problem) . Dunno why QQ so much, have u ever seen an online game wt no hackers? They do wat they can but it will never stop. Just deal wt it. yes Valesca ... I did see a minimum off goldsellers/bots/hackers till the moment it got free-to-play ....


Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics

I complain because this isn't the ONLY time they do maintenance after maintenace after bloody maintenace... IT's constant thing, sir. I pay for a service that they can't seem to get right. I've played an up todate MMO that has more down time than this game. I love this game dearly  FFXIV gils , but this expansion has had a TON of maintenance time... Sorry if that rustled your jimmies, and I'm sorry you feel the need to dispute this from behind your computer screen "Because you can" but drop it man. It's MY fucking comment, i don't go onto your posts and throw muck at your opinion...

Rather have them do upkeep maintenance on the game then just them saying they will and never do until they have to FFXIV gil .  they let us know in advance. it is a few hours at a time most of the time it is over with early. that sub you pay. don't just pay for content it also pays for them to service the servers which is what they are doing. i have never ever noticed any downtime because it is over with pretty fast.. unless you are on ps4 then you are screwed because that has been down what. about 4/5 times this month or unless you stay up until 7am . and so because you stay up until about 7am. this mean SE have to cater for you and keep the game up. that's not called a gamer it is called get a life dude.  It's called some of us have other schedules. I'm not asking for them to do it at other times. I'm saying it's understandable that we are a bit upset. It doesn't effect you cuz you have normal hours. Some people do not.

could be from these. Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics. Yeah, new patch incoming. So, about Final Fantasy Mobius. Any chance for a release to the rest of the world? I want to play it. Obiously not with japanese text. I can't read hiragana or whatever is used in the game. Noticed that after posting. Well think ill be the last to do these.... they really need to do something with the dps ques...takes like 4 hours to do 2 dungeons and 1 trial. ?...... cuz we all have that time free.... Meanwhile, queues as tanks = instant. Maybe it's time to change from DPS to Tank? Nahhhh notmy style do understand the concept..... but then means need to get my tnks to 60.... that should take what 2 days, if I didn't have a life outside of ff14.


wow RBGS or Arenas

Your statement, JJ, comes across as "I'm not interested in it, so it's not worthwhile content." While everyone has a right to an opinion, it's also true that simply because YOU don't enjoy a particular aspect of the game doesn't make it any less viable for OTHER PEOPLE TO ENJOY.

Am I a hardcore pet-battler or collector/ No. I dabble once buy DFO gold in a while.

However, it's pretty sickening to see every time a new piece of content is offered that someone else has to drive down the superhighway of "I don't like it because I don't do it - give me X thing instead."

If you want to PVP, go do BGs, RBGS or Arenas.
If you want to PVE, go LFR/Normal/Heroic/Mythic.
If you want to quest, pick an area, go, and quest.

..but FFS don't down something just because it's not your personal cup of tea. If this wasn't your intent, then you have an opportunity to clear up any room for DFO Gold misunderstanding. *microphone drop*. It's starting to feel like a business who wants to engage their customers. It should be a game maker who wants us to get lost in their world and find new friends to discover it together. I have met 1 new person since it became World of Garrisons. Force the world to Mingle!

The funny thing? When blizzard makes it so you have to explore said world we have the people who want flying back come out of hiding and list why they shouldn't have to travel through the world lol. e interesting to see if there is a fix to a game where one was encouraged to overcome or fail with others to one that "dps isn't super high, vote kick". Maybe the problem is as players we become spoilt with success. Have we become antisocial as players?  its called pvp do it and you will meet people.


DFO F.Slayer class level guide

F Slayer had been on chinese server since.... 2013?& cheap DFO Gold; I have no idea but we should have F.Slayer cause this game is global and I know it is in Beta but DFO should let us know these things.

I was so hyped about this game, spent 3 days to decide I want to play f.slayer, I was really hyped about playing her, in the end she wasn't included and to add insult to injury we got the Knight at OBT2, who came buy DFO gold after f.slayer. I was really disappointed. I know the feels but do not worry we WILL get F.Slayer eventually so be patient and rack up the materials needed for when you do make your F.Slayer smile emoticon.I had to make the switch to katanas because of it. Whenever real avas come back ill return to the zan life.  So ask for permanent Derange! Zerks gather and demand it! Permanent deranged seems really risky because you lose a lot of armor when using deranged. So? We constantly cast Derange to keep our power up anyway. So what difference would a perma derange do other than we cast it less? This man has my vote. Please make this their second awakening, I would die a happy man.

Fair enough. But if you're going to be so realistic and serious about it, then it makes one wonder about your level of imagination or tolerance of fun. You're often, if not always, WAY too serious. You really need to loosen up a little more.

Sure, ninja's aren't really the way they are portrayed in anime and video games, but so what? It's just a game or anime. You don't need to be so overly serious or realistic about it.


how to Increase the drop rate for dfo items

The price gold sellers are selling gold has tripled in one week. You are contributing to their profits by doing this. You are making it more and more worthwhile to farm gold and sell it. This is going to make DFO Gold the problem worse. There are many factors that contribute to the rise and and fall in value of a product, it's economy 101, supply and demand cheap DFO Gold . Closing the auction house has bottlenecked demand. Even though the gold sellers have billions upon billions of gold, you have restricted the gold economy, removing all the players' ability to make gold in the game. So what happens to a market when there's a lot of supply, but demand skyrockets? Price goes up. In this case a 300% increase.

The other contributing factors are that it is harder to sell gold, but it's still not impossible. With a 300% increase, it is worth it to pursue other ways to sell gold. This has done nothing to the bots, they continue to spam every channel with their websites, and they are more determined than ever to sell their gold because you have just tripled the profit from it. It is not players that you are attracting to this game, it's more bots and more gold sellers. You are killing your game, and there is little faith outside of facebook that the game will live on just because of these changes. You are forcing the players to buy DFO gold because there is just no other way to make money on this game. You could eliminate the auction house completely, and eliminate the gold sellers by just making gold more worthless. End game gear does not require gold, it requires running dungeons for drops. Increase the drop rate for items, then there is no need to buy 100 million gold just to 2-3 pink items from the auction house. Supply and demand.

When demand for gold decreasees, the value of gold will also decrease and it will also make it less worthwhile to bot and sell gold. You are trying to fix this problem by cutting off supply, you are not paying attention to the demand cheap DFO Gold, and that's why the bots haven't stopped, because you've increased demand. The bots have supply, trying to fight a war to limit their supply is just idiotic, hit the demand, and hit the gold buyers. Eliminate the customers and the product is useless.



When are you going to be unbirthed, Shawn Alan, tell us, I don't want to get to know you if our progress is just going to get wiped. When are you going to be born again?  It's simple logic. Why would Neople waste time getting people their Alpha characters only to wipe Beta? They wouldn't because they aren't idiots.

It's not worth the time anymore. If he posts in the future it's better just to ignore him. Honestly if he's waiting for a wipe to happen to play, then he'll never play. Let us enjoy the game he'll never play.  The ignorant troll is at it again. So much he missed out on...too bad. Ya know? Why dont u do us a favor and 'wipe yourself' from the DFO FB Page, hmm? Not only are u a liar n a troll...but your presence is not welcome here. Its clear its no longer about proving u wrong as everyone including Neople has done so DFO Gold. Its about u wanting attention and just wanna annoy everyone for the sheer fuckery. I wouldnt doubt it if u already knew we were telling cheap DFO Gold the truth but u r either being salty cuz u 'cant' play...or u rly r but giving everyone the impression u cant. Either way, you're a pathetic excuse of a human being and u finding this game is by far the greatest mistake period ever period. If u wanted to become one of the most hated person in DFO, then congratufuqalations, u made it. Heres a half baked fuq u. Enjoy it well. They come in limited supply.


Heavensward pre-order was released

The pre-order was released a while back, you have to purchase it from the squenix online store .

 Made 2 Au Ra, super excited for their release. Shame it isn't earlier, all this waiting is eating at me. Torn between making a new character or usng a Fantasia.... I love my miqo'te... but.... the Au Ra are so cool!  I want my Au Ra now FFXIV Gil... Miqo'te does nothing for me now.

Eh to each their own. Maybe it IS a "new" feeling, but I wasn't excited about the race till I saw Yugiri. I find Hyur to be incredibly uninteresting. I think I'd play a Roe before ever making a Hyur.

Is the benchmark being made available for Mac ahead of launch?

According to the official benchmark page, this benchmark will not be available for Mac. However, I recall hearing about an additional benchmark coming before buy FFXIV Gil the release, so on that one.. maybe?


The tenacity of Neople

so all those ppl claiming to be hacked and losing all their stuff bought gold at some point?

why would sellers steal their money back i wonder...interesting news DFO Gold nonetheless. keep up the good work neople.  This is why FP is awesome. When they increase the cap to 80/85 and add the new content, it's going to slow down gold buying a hell of a lot. It will already take a while to reach end game, but good luck not cheap DFO Gold getting caught before you make it to 85. Then they make one sell and boom banned.

It's gonna be hilarious. I'm glad and impressed by The tenacity of Neople, however even though these hackers are terrible and same with farmers and botters, I do not think that equivalates to using fear to get people to do what you want (terrorism). Other than that Neople you rule.

Didn't even hack or buy gold or go on any third party sites and I still got sweeped of all my gold and cubes a couple days ago, I don't even know how.


update for FFXIV Dark knight

You only need to scroll down to see the job info - it's the first thing under the trailer background, but some people are still getting the old site for some reason.  What class will need to do a Dark knight and others classes ? you guy maybe put it on website too.

You don't. You pick the jobs up like you pick up base classes.  Really ? But i believe he'll need maybe war or pally for do DK.  Obviously you'd need those for cross-class skills, depending on if both will be from the other two tanks, but you only need to have any class to 30. (I hear this often and it's pointless if that's confirmed, as you need to have completed the level 50 storyline to go to Ishgard and pick up the new jobs)

Either way, you just go to Ishgard and pick them up if you're able to.


playing FFXIV on PS4

Do we just need to max arr or do we need ilvl120... there's to many FFXIV Gil rumours for me to tell guilds?   Have to wait to buy this add on if you have not finished 2.55 patch this add on means nothing , so I can wait for price drop to far behind to finish before release。

Level 50-60 skills and passives preview please! Come on give us something useful while we wait for Heavensward. Anyone else having proiblems getting the e-mails to change password?

Hey everyone!! I hope this post is not too mundane, but I could REALLY use your help! I'm currently playing FFXIV on PS4 (long enough to become a level 40 conjurer). Having to use the remote to "speak" to other characters is terrible and in combat situations nearly impossible. Is there a secondat keyboard or some other way to type text/converse while simultaneously using the PS4 remote cheap FFXIV Gil?

Any word on when we'll have Heavensward and the Collect. Edition on the PlayStation Network? Will be funny if have dragons invasions on Ishgard city.  You mean like Besieged in FFXI? That would be fun.


appreciate the daily FP pots

Why should ANYONE appreciate the daily FP pots? It's literally taking playtime away from you just to give it back and say "be grateful for this". I've seen you comment on tons of posts. Your arguments hold no water. You don't seem to DFO Gold be enjoying the game, so just unlike the page already.

Honestly I'm surprised people even still have time to play after burning through all their fatigue. Or a alt's fatigue. Don't people do other things in their lives? Lmao.  Don't worry we got your back. It's the immature people that mostly want the fatigue system out. Fatigue is a good wake up call for when I need to play real life again.

I like the FP system! Shoot can get at least 3 to 4 hours with that much FP. Thank you for keeping the system. Nexon changed the fp system and gave us more then we should and players got bored. I feel that's why dfo shut down in the first place.


FP system works in DFO

Gives me more reason to play the next day, that's for sure. And that's the bottom line,cause Mr.CEO said so. . lol Seriously though thanks for sticking to your guns on this.Most of my fellow Americans are so used to buy DFO Gold spending hours upon hours playing the same game that I think they think every game should follow that model.Thanks for not caving in.Stay awesome,Neople.

I'm okay with the FP system; I work full time and just seeing that DFO is back is such a wonderful thing.Yay fatigue points stay. Time to brush up on your pvp skills Dungeon Fighters! !

I haven't left. I'm just really into Bloodborne and Axiom Verge right now. Soon as I get bored of them I'm coming back.  I've seen some clips about Bloodborne and I really wanna give it a DFO Gold . Sadly I can't afford a copy of the game.


Today's "Pic of the Day" is brought to us by Alexander Herrera

Today's "Pic of the Day" is brought to us by Alexander Herrera:
"The moment you get an epic after 30 dry runs and it's a weapon you can't use... (a good one also)"   how about a afk witch, who stay dead. We killed the boss and she gets shooting star from the card...

I would be so pissed, as a bowgun user. I got this on my male nen hue nen spiral+wooyo's= Done

you know, Fireberg is pretty lenient on what words mean!
Brought to us by Mykell Booze:
" I don't exactly have a pic for the day, but i do have an interesting dfo trailer video that I think you would be interested to see. i want the dfo hype to reach maximum heights, and i made DFO Gold so i could share with everyone who truly felt the loss of dfo back then!"

This could have been way better. While showing the articles about it closing, they could have shown the trailer when the old DFO world was being destroyed. When it showed the articles of it coming back, then they could have shown trailers showing the new world, characters were eventually going to get and the two Apostles were going to be able to buy DFO Gold fight later on.


Metal Slime silver PS4

Any chances of that special Metal Slime silver PS4 coming State side??  It think its safe to say big franchise games have moved on from the PS3 for their main titles. Still go SE for bringing it to a FFXIV Gil current gen console..now can you do the same for FF I to VI. I think VI especially could do with a remaster in the style of Type-0 buy FFXIV Gil. Enix making great moves these years, cant wait for this and XV. om what I've played from Dragon Quest, this may well be worth you trying .

Full scale action RPG....let's just call it what it is. DW with a Dragon Quest skin. I have nothing against it as I enjoy DW but calling it a RPG is kind of a joke.  This is cool and all, but will they release it for Ps3 too? Because otherwise IMPORT .

 So does that mean it'll be like Kingdom hearts style fighting ? If so that would be cool and I'd totally play it

 what we all wanna know is, when is the release date for us and EU. Same as JP? Few months after? 3years? acha que vai valer a pena? Fiquei na vontade de adquirir hahah
To na fase do Dragon!  I think so?
So little is known about the game, apart from the fact that it's the first non-turn-based Dragon Quest game buy DFO Gold.


physical Collector's Edition

How about where the physical Collector's Edition is available for Australia and New Zealand..? The only option we have (now) is the digital PC collector's and standard on the EU *download only FFXIV Gil* store or the standard ARR/Heavensward bundle for PC or PS4 at EBGames.. What if we already *own* A Realm Reborn? On both platforms?

I'd like the PS4 Collector's Edition. The physical version. Minor question: I need more space for itens in my private room! Any plans to raise the item limit?

How soon will 135 relics be replaced once we get into heavensward? Real quick since there is a new relic quest plus the higher ilvls.  I dont get how people factor the higher level as incompatible with the weapon. Just raise the level on the weapon cheap FFXIV Gil. Its gonna end up what they want since they can do either. Ricky Medlin - Yes, the relic is continuing in patch 3.1 (they've said this multiple times)

 Continuing from the same weapon we grinded for? Or we dump it to the trash and make a very new genuine one?


GL finding a good helper to play FFXIV

Sorry I'm not on your server but I'm sure someone from Shiva will read this
GG is in fact Good Game but mostly used in a sarcastic way when someone doesnt do/know the mechanic and misses to do it right.
"ig" is simply "in-game" where you oppe "rl" to aka "real life"
With nfc I cannot help you never heard/read this abbreviation :/

GL finding a good helper for FFXIV Gil.

First off, Welcome

I'm not on your server either, but the best you can do is probably post in your Servers' subforum.
You'll have an easier time finding a tutor (Unless you don't mind switching servers, I won't mind to help you out. My info is next to my Portrait <- )
If you have specific issues you can always post them here and we can help and advise you.

In regards to the abbreviations:
GG = Good Game / Good group. Like Werhusky says though it sometimes gets used sarcastically.
IG = In game
NFC = No F-ing Clue

Really? I say that alot every time a group finished a fate, and duties. XD
Also that must of mean i wasn't doing the duty properly, how do you know what to do exactly in duty finder?
Thanks for the good luck and translating abbreviations.


Lamia main is my BRD

Jon Morrison you funny. Real funny lol.

 I'm a pinoy player on Lamia  main is my BRD and secondary WHM.My main is also BRD and I'm on Brynhildr. That's why I said slim chance of anybody FFXIV Gil being on the same server as me. My main is on Gilgamesh server, funny because I believe Gilgamesh is my master.

The reason why I dont play often is that im doing a video gameplay, currently my project is Final Fantasy X. Right now i just got Auron back. In FF XIV I might put the blacksmith stuff aside and level up more.  You have to get the lvl 10, first class, guild quest done before you can unlock the ability to open up other guilds. Then to unlock jobs you have to have gotten your lvl 30 guild quest done, and gotten to lvl 15 of a specific class.  From the all the first classes level 15 which is when you can leave your main city. For the new classes like ninja you must be level 30 to have access to buy cheap FFXIV Gil them.

Whoa Jon, careful. You'll hurt yourself with all that edge. How about you stop listening to Linkin Park a bit?I subscribed my account right now, finally got the conjure job .


FFXIV Magic tank

I kinda hope that DK's being the Magic tank means a rework is on the way for Paladins. Flash would be so much more useful if it was tied to TP instead of MP. For starters, pallies could use it more often and stop worrying about AOE threat. Making flash dependant on mana but giving paladin's a clunky method of regenerating mana that consumes two GCD's has unfairly gimped the class's AOE threat potential


You guys are getting carried away with how you think DK gearing is going to work. Dark Knights will probably get a talent that converts strength into intelligence, possibly through their tanking stance. The devs aren't going to waste their time making DK specific armor outside of their relic set. Why would they? Too much work.