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World of Warcraft gold farming and other games farming may

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Money-making in WoW

This guide addresses ways to make wow money and how to spend it wisely as well.
Many have their own "secret" methods for making WOW money that they prefer keeping to sharing in order to maintain their competitive edges.
But here I am, sharing whatever I know from my personal experience.
As long as you like it, I am happy. After all, this is the same with my purpose of playing WoW,
all for the sake of fun.
There are mainly four ways to make WOW money farming, crafting, daily quests and playing the auction house.
Since there are too many elements that influences the gold for WOW you could make, you might want to strive harder.


Witch Doctor

Witch doctor was summoned undead and evil creatures to fight for their souls fighters. Their side is full of zombies and vermin, witch doctors are free to use exploding skull, flowing clouds and acid poisoning terrible curse to attack their enemies.

Affected by the ability to make enemies in the control of pain and slowly die is the witch doctor's forte. They can be handy to curse the enemy attack or deceleration, as well as crowd control, and used his hungry pets do carry engulf the enemy. Witch can ignite the flame on the battlefield, or poison, slowly devouring the lives of near enemies.

Although some witch doctors would avoid melee in order to strengthen their pets and avoid enemy close sell diablo 3 account, they also have a direct exchange of fire and the enemy fighting ability.


Only in Umm Baru tribal men and women are selected to become a witch doctor. They must demonstrate their ability to record and control of the soul to get this award. Only trained invisible place - Umm Baru people think this is the soul of the deceased after leaving the shelter of residence - was after the birth of their child touch to get these acquired skills.

Witch Doctor can not cover their ears to block the sound of the cries of the soul. Those louder and louder, it determines their fate. They must restore their world and the invisible land of balance and life-long diablo 3 account sale care of these tortured souls ...... forever.

History: "It seems these devices is not enough to merely satisfactory, the witch doctor also specializes summon undead from outsider to tear up the enemy's body." - Click to view the full text buy Diablo 3 items

Raw soul, witch doctor's story: as usual, the war kicked off at dawn. Benu with other family from seven stone panther-like witch doctors as quickly and quietly sneaked into a special dry Ze heartland. Only minor shaking bones percussion and metal talisman energy is surprising is their existence. Their naked body has white, yellow, red, painted and decorated with bright feathers Boke, their bodies mingled with vivid jungle atmosphere. - Click to view full text


Baidu pomegranate algorithm 1.0 about on-line

2013 Spring MADCon last Saturday was held in Xiamen, learned a lot. Interested readers can download Robin's blog lecture PPT. May soon there will be a video put out, because we see the scene with professional camera.

Afternoon and Sun Bo together with Baidu Lee, Google Talk Jianfei Zhu carried out, and the atmosphere very warm, I personally still a little something more to say, but because of the time, later than the scheduled end time, after half an hour had ended. Look forward to the next opportunity to communicate with them.

Bigfoot published here in the afternoon agenda, recording, you can hear the full interview. Following is a brief record against Tan main content.

About Baidu Lee, Google Jianfei Zhu and Matt Cutts

Baidu is a Chinese Master Lee Circle famous characters, Baidu search departmental staff, nearly two years in the SEO community more active, enthusiastic to answer your questions. First in Baidu owners club, later moved to Baidu platform webmaster community. In fact Baidu Lee is a team behind, where the main characters are Baidu king Amoy. Lee and Wang Amoy, and Baidu webmaster platform staff in promoting Baidu and SEO, webmaster ring exchange contributed.

Jianfei Zhu is Google's U.S. headquarters, Japanese and Korean Anti-sector teams. We last met four years ago in Nanjing SMX conference, then, for reasons known, Google out of China, Jian Fei also no come before. In fact, Google and SEO who is very willing to communicate.I have 3 years experience on SEO. Once I committed to diablo 3 buy account. I usually write guides for d3 players about Diablo3 account skills training and d3 gold making. Jianfei very easy-going, talkative, according to Robin said it was like karaoke OK, hope Jianfei Zhu and other Google employees to participate more in the activities of SEO circles.

Matt Cutts is Google's anti-spam department boss, whose name in the world Ruleiguaner SEO industry. We have always know that Matt Cutts of Google employees before the 100 one, but do not know the specifics of the first of several, the Kin Fei revealed, Matt Cutts work number is 71.

Baidu clicker impact has been basically controlled

I noticed that by the end of 2012 there was a lot about the effect of Baidu clickers have lapsed, Lee confirmed Baidu Click The effects have to be controlled in very small ranges. Lee's words quite interesting, Baidu concern not that one clicker, but its behavior and impact.

Green radish, panda, penguin algorithm origin of the name

Baidu green dill algorithm launched in February 2013, aimed at combating link trading. Design of this strategy was a little girl, so naming rights also gave the little girl, she chose the name green dill, coincident with the purification of anti-cheating meaning.

2011 on-line Google Panda algorithm and China has nothing to do, engineers who write algorithms surname Panda, is an Indian, the update algorithm is named Panda.

Later Penguin algorithm is mainly to deal with spam links, names Penguin is to extend Panda algorithm - black and white animals. Google may later need to think more black and white animal as algorithm name it.


the rules of rs music events

They said it have to be in a mp3 format with the highest quality available :)
I made mine @48k hz, 32bit, 320kbps, 512-point sinc cause I don't think mp3 can get higher than that.. Wav can get a lot higher yeah but I guess the load times for the rs music will get too big if the quality gets Awesome, thanks for clarifying about the Party Room thing, Mod Lord. buy rs gold :)

I'm one of those kind of people where I feel like if I finish really early, it isn't ready to be submitted yet buy runescape money . :P So I'm going back and perfecting/adding on until June. Hope you're enjoying all of the submissions! And hope everybody that's submitting is enjoying the time making some music!


fast dps making for demon hunter in Diablo 3

I did an update somewhere explaining quite the reason for that. I've been a drooling fool in regards to using Shadow Power with Gloom. I imediately went to craft several pieces of equipment, buffing about 42k in DPS (Shoulders, Bracers, Mempo, and Inna's Temperance). Took a damn long time to craft it though , so I've only had a few Demonic Essence runs. I was actually palnning to try out Nitewatcher's build after the crafts, but I can see that he is still 80k DPS ahead of me. Trying it out on MP4 through 6 would be interesting and level fast with d3 account(320 is just sick bro).

I'm currently following this route for Demonic Essence runs:

Arreat Core
Tower of the Damned 1
Skycrown Battlements

If you got any suggestions for routes, feel free to tell me. :)

 I actually recently had a Monk to 60. He's indeed very good, and I like him alot. The thing is I find using Strafe hillarious. It was the reason I came back to this game, and I intend to use it (with variations ofc). I actually made quite the Green Text about it, but it was overlooked on the forum to sell Diablo 3 account.

To farm essences the best route is vault of the assassins all over and over or some of the higher mp places like warriors rest (its shit as dh though...u may do that as well with your monk:D)

"thing is I find using Strafe hillarious. It "
Tornado barb is as hillarious but three times as efficient:D


Seraphim Hotel guide

Starting from the parking lot, the player wants to bring the War worked their way up. Along the double jump Demonic Growth, steel beams, iron chain to climb, and cut down the zombies out of the way (zombie available direct execution of the B key, more blood green soul), came to the hotel the hall suffered owned swollen the Fleshburster. The Fleshburster use two fists and flame spray Beng from the abdomen, players should always pay attention at the time of the attack it is to avoid the attack in a timely manner. Fleshburster death occurs when a wide range of explosion, be sure to avoid selling Diablo 3 account.

Diablo 3 account buy

Down with Fleshburster will kill the zombie remnants of moving forward (the corner of the map made ​​with green chest back to the blood), the map north driven platform, hold down the B key will be pushed to the wall - position (as shown), you can jump on the platform and move on Diablo 3 account.

Climb from the elevator shaft to reach the next area, and appeared in front of enchantment and zombies will seal the path of the War, and the emergence of lava-like wrists Gholen of. Unpleasant Gholen action, but not small fists against the power and range, there is a certain probability the lava wave of attacks launched hands hammer to the players can use the RB button in a timely manner dodge functions take place, an attack from the dead.


URL is invalid or blocked

I come home from work and I get this message! I had it once before I replaced all the original backed up files and it went away! URL is invalid or blocked

I read in the pligg forum to turn off auto url check to false so I did and I'm still getting the message! It doesn't matter what url I add I keep getting this message!

Turns out it's the empty space at the bottom of the local-antispam.txt there was three lines of empty space I deleted it away and the submit works again! Since I need to submit bookmark about diablo 3 account sale and runescape account, it has problem. If you want to solve it, insist on reading my SEO blogs.

I had the same problem today, I figured out how to fix it.

Usually, when you mark a person as a spammer, you list all of the websites that he ever uploaded as a spammer. I accidentally marked my self - god user - as a spammer and all of the sites I ever uploaded were blocked. Check the Local Anti Spam list on your server and clear off the sites you don't want to block any longer.

I am very interested to hear how it was solved....I have an issue with only 2 pages and they are good websites...

Btw - your link is not working...


Diablo 3 1.0.8 is very nice to play!

Thank you for listening and keep up the great work!
Thorough investigation has been bugged for me since launch. They told me to run it again. Which I did with 5 different chars across SC & HC.

Customer support cannot do anything about it, so I gues were going to be stuck with a game that can't be completed 100% and you can buy Diablo 3 account.

To the people complaining about the patches size.. you know what? never mind. You people are idiots for complaining about a sub patch to begin with. Be gone!

We have removed the power limiters on the class: Demon Hunter. As such the class will now regenerate 10 hatred and 3 discipline per second naturally Diablo 3 account buy.
 Additionally, we are adding an innate 30% damage boost to the class as a whole to compensate for the Barbarian and Monk's 30% damage reduction.
Your innovation leaves me without breath. Your brilliant ideas to make classes better are outstanding. You should make your own game.


6 kinds of link building analysis and comparison

For search engines, especially Google, outside the chain is an indispensable part of if you can not guarantee the content of your site can be a large number of reprint, then you must manually building outside the chain. As an SEO, familiar with a variety of link building way is a must. The following Chongqing SEO catlike way of link building to do a detailed analysis and comparison.

1 Links

Links There is no doubt that all the links in the way the best kind, provided that you have to find a good health, someone to maintain the site. There are some websites cheat Links will link with to jump or inside pages of the form of this site do not change decisively. In addition, exchange links with some form of cross-linked with some garbage navigation station for your link, you link to his master, do not be fooled.

2. Classified information network

Like a variety of classified information go to the market network like the weight is very high, in the above information released will often see good rankings. But outside the chain can only be added to plain text, which Google is useless, very useful for Baidu, it is recommended that you use a lot.

3. The Baidu platform as well as the news source

The related platform Baidu Baidu news source has a good weight, but relatively speaking, the most difficult to do a. Baidu outside the chain of control of its platform more and more strict as before popular Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu Encyclopedia, the link is more and more difficult to add the phrase.

4. Forums and blogs

Link weights of the two platforms is relatively low, but it was easier to do, and blog group to do it is a weapon, a site outside the mainstream chains are generally the two platforms.

5 shops

Like some B2B platform has a good weight in the above, we can do some of the shops, then weights Links or otherwise imported into the site, but the shop is not easy to do, and many B2B platform shops are located in two domains, these shops to keep up is not very easy, but to raise up outside the chain as a base.

Library class of 6.

Such as Baidu library, Road | can be used to do outside the chain, weight is also high, but there is no good no way approved, if you have good resources, but also can be done either bring traffic, can also pass the weight.

Pay attention to do outside the chain is sustained, not three days fishing, two days of drying, as long as there is perseverance, and then spreads outside the chain can be accumulated to the extent of the qualitative change, however, do outside the chain at the same time, do not forget the construction site Oh content.


Monk on Diablo 3

Ives Novgorod days half would usher in the winter and coolness can not wait to be dispersed in the air off. The sun dipped below the horizon, I was lucky enough to find a refuge in a tavern before dark. However, the atmosphere was a little nervous at the door, I felt the house. Maybe it's time has not arrived yet, not many guests when the tavern, only a few scattered group of people crouched in the corner of the room tables around the edges. Benches at the middle of the room is empty, just a man sitting there alone.

Diablo 3 accounts

This man seemed ignorant of the cold. His body wrapped in an orange sheet, exposing half of his chest, the addition nothing else, just like a beggar. Wearing a neck of large wooden beads, sporting a bushy beard, hair was shaven one is not left. Then I saw the iconic tattoo: two red dots on his forehead, one large and one small. Then the problem is simple, the whole world to know, such a person is only one identity: they are the legendary reclusive and mysterious holy warriors, they Ives Novgorod monks.

I heard of the the numerous monks wonderful story, there are a variety of hype legends. Rumors monks skin such as steel hard, the sword flying arrow can not hurt them nothing, and their iron fist can be easily crushed boulders. A far cry from the front of this man and I think the monks, all do not see this awe-inspiring Nevertheless, I carefully went over and sat down on the bench opposite him, hoping to carefully observe some . At this time, he beckoned to me. "One who dares to soul with me to come over, friends."

Food was up, but I told them not much interest, but to focus on recording the monk 's life. He told me that he believed that the presence of one thousand and one God, and he believes they are everywhere: the jump in the fire in the furnace, the water flowing in the river, the air that we breathed, the God of the roof over our head. Perhaps this is a good fairy tale, but a little sensible people would disdain this sort of superstitious worldview. He told me that he has suffered hard training, mental and physical, he require life-long mission to sharpen his mind and body of divine justice. Though I do wonder, one thousand and one gods would require a mortal man to achieve their wishes? When I asked him why he did not take the sword, or whatever-something guy in the body when he bluntly replied: "My body is a weapon, then raised his hand and lit his forehead went on to say," my heart is also a weapon. I want to buy diablo 3 account sale"

The gang approached our table, rushing my book, they hit the ground, then do not hesitate to I flung aside, while that step monks walked side showed a knife and various other guy. It seems that their only goal is the solitary monks only. I feel that something bad will happen, then quickly drill down under the table. What seems to be commanding general, they suddenly rushed up.

The monks then sitting, the first brandished a knife and rushed towards him he grabbed the wrist and then effortlessly thrown out, Cooler fall crushed a table, a loud sound. Obviously these people did not expect the monks will suddenly come about, what are stunned, and then they Lenz God this moment, the monks stood up.
Then the melee broke out.

I never imagined that I actually have a chance to personally experience a display of this realm.


Runescape sucks my sister

Runescape. My sister spends all her time playing this game. She has even paid money to be a member. But in reality, Runescape sucks. But I have to say why it sucks, so I don't come off as a troll.

When you start off you get a tutorial which shows you everything you can do, but honestly, there is no skill. You just click on actions, and your character does them. It's not really that fun at all. In fact I got bored with this game quickly. I was curious, why it is quite easy to buy cheap rs gold than that of WoW,

After you finish the tutorial, you are set in a town and you are free to roam around. You'll quickly realize that the game is open ended and you can do anything you want. You can become a mage, warrior, or pretty much anything, which cost a little rs money.

The graphics are quite outdated for a game today. There are also glitches in the game.

The controls are a simple point and click. I was surprised that you couldn't use the arrow keys to move. Those move the camera.

Sure, the game has a lot of stuff to do, and it might be addictive, but that's all the game has going for it. You'll find out that the game gets repetitive very fast. To fight enemies, you have to just click on them and your character fights it automatically. There is zero strategy. For making runes? Click. Cooking? Click. That's it. There is no gameplay at all.

There are also quests you can do. Some are actually quite easy, and some are way past the point of hard and dull. You have to buy rs gold if you want to get fast and buy good armor.

Don't get me started on the membership features! If you pay $5 that pretty much opens, well, barely anything! And besides, you won't play this game that long to find out that it's a waste of money.


Runescape was a waste of time for me. The gameplay is dull, there is no strategy, and the membership is a waste of money. If you want to play a good MMORPG play World of Warcraft.


RS HTML beta is really wonderful

I am really loving the HTML5 beta. I really thank god that I buy runescape account to join RS Gold Premier Club

I only hope that the improvements on HTML5 and RS3 overall won't be delaying or slowing the other awesome content you've planned for 2013, aside from RS3. If you want to experience better gameplay, 
selling runescape accounts site will be good for you to buy runescape account.

Although it's still a long year to go, I would really want to see Jagex guys pushing it to the max with the lore (God content, new(er) quests and quest finales overall to be able to move on with the main content that changes the lore dramatically,...); and of course the other planned content you've mentioned earlier to be releasing this year; examples:
-new skills,
-more reworks (like the Construction skill, Falador, Black Knight's Fortress, Trouble Brewing and much more,...),
-more dungeons (Ranged Slayer Dungeon);
-completely new content (Fossil Island, God Content together with the lore changes following after The World Wakes);
-with quests, quests and more quests!

I understand that all the aforementioned future planned content is so much easier to release with RS3, but there are some things that should be set into motion soon like the gods returning, and the lore which isn't especially necessary release with RS3, although it would make it better in a graphical sense.

Like always, keep the good stuff up and remember to keep the community up to date with the awesome stuff you're planning this year!