I'll be dedicating my gaming time to FFXIV

We posted a new blog update that gives the lowdown on all the happenings from the FATE in Hiroshima!Presenting the Patch 3.1 trailer! Patch 3.1 is set to arrive on Tuesday, November 10, 2015!&nbsp FFXIV Gil; Bad time to release the patch with Fallout 4 and the new Starcraft coming out. We posted a new blog update that gives the lowdown on all the happenings from the FATE in Hiroshima!  I thought about that, but then again it's 3.1. I'm all hype for that. I forgot about the overwatch beta also, but not everyone will be able to play it. Right?! Too bad, I already have Legacy of the Void pre-ordered.& Buy FFXIV Gil p; Or a good time depending on how you look at it .

I'll be playing Overwatch, but if I don't get the beta, then I'll be going back to WoW. I'm getting Falout 4 on a Steam sale later and I've yet to play more than two hours of SC2:HotS. pacman emoticon  I don't think they release content patches at optimal times, they patch them when they are ready..I'll be splitting my time between Fallout and 3.1. And by splitting I mean it'll likely be 70% Fallout and 30% 3.1 lol! Still debating whether I should upgrade to the Pipboy edition or not. A wearable pipboy that doubles as a smart phone case seems rather boss. I don't really care about Fallout 4(don't shoot me lol) but will be playing Legacy of the Void. Of course along side FFXIV and I guess Overwatch if I get into beta. I don't only play one game at a time lol.

Personally, I'm not much into competitive RTSs and I've always found Fallout to be grossly overrated, so I'll be dedicating my gaming time to FFXIV, but I know of many other people in my circle of FFXIV friends who state that it's completely silly that they'd ever be asked to "choose" one of them."Fallout sucks." Careful there bud, you almost cut me with that edge. Fucking loser. Calm down fanboy. I've never played fallout nor will I play fallout 4. I was just pointing out other big titles releasing that day.


because of the Guild Wars 2 BETA

Bought one for my brother, and we are hyped to rock Heart of Thorns together! Dear Guild wars! i purchased the original GW2 and HOT-i got 6 character slots with the original game!-How about giving at least 3 or 4 more with HOT and allowing a second toon a full bank with purchasable expansions!-I love the game and like to keep trying different toons and combos!-for Guild Wars 2 Gold my money i have invested-this would be a Great addition!-the bank is needed for all the crafting mats u need to collect.

Got mines on the 3rd of this month now we play the waiting game . And here I am sitting hours away from home at one of my stores and won't be home until late TOMORROW! the world of IT. Already bought it. Can you guys tell us how big the file we have to download will be? I am hoping that most of it will have already been downloaded because of the BETA, but then again i could be wrong.  There have been a few huge file updates over the last couole of weeks. I hope some of that was prep for the launch. DL'ing GW2 at launch was soooooo long and I had a 40meg broadband connection. They are doing that stream client where some of the game will be playable while downloading.

10:30am 23rd for me, (aussie time) How much more is the Cheap GW2 Gold wait? I am in Tasmania and it goes live at 6:01pm for me. Western Aus is 3:01pm.  i know that ,just want some dev response, I guess it's always possible they optimized in other ways. If you have not pre-purchased Heart of Thorns yet, I suggest you look in the mirror and ask yourself why? Because if rather avoid the lag fest that is all mmo expansions for the first week.

ugh the down side of working overnights ill be at work as the game launches (sad face frown emoticon ) i arrived drunk expecting HoT release , but its only in 4hours, now i can only play "not drunk" guild wars , so im sad ;__; I am still waiting to see how it turns out but I am hoping its a great addition to the game. That's the thing, as long as you are updated to the latest update, you are pre-loaded! There will just be a small update tonight to unlock the area but Anet has been adding sections to the game with patches over the last few weeks.


Heart of Maguuma and Masteries

I know that lol, but the people I have talked to in game said that they won't even play HOT when it comes out, because they will be busy with the Halloween event. Warm Service to Buy GW2 Gold and legendary weapons with Most Secure and Instant delivery (5-15Mins) guarantee in PVPOK.COM,PVPOK.Com is a professional, open and worldwide platform.  RIP to my work and social life for the next several months ! I am taking mosquito repellent in the Jungle ,the bugs are big in there. why buy Heart of Thorns for the same price..as anyone who didn't buy Guild Wars 2? So now i pay twicw. When you buy Heart of Thorns you need the basic game Guild wars 2. So you get that for free with Heart of Thorns. So people who bought Guild Wars 2 pay in fact 2x.

 no, they payed for 3 full years of playing gw2:) and now the pay for the xpansion. New players will never experience so many things that happened over the last years... albert your head is empty and you're a generic simpleton, that's my opinion. Emily Schuhmann unless you just started playing recently? like, anytime within that three years? I have a dumb question...will it be super fun for PvE players, too? PvE get more new stuff then PvP players. Because Capture point PVP... You can only do GW2 Gold so much with that. So I'll take that as a "yes" then? tongue emoticon (I'm being jokingly sarcastic). Well, if they take it back to BWE2 level of difficulty, and they said that they should...it would be plenty of fun grin emoticon Even running around in open world was quite challenging...seeing people finally die under champions atks is fairly satisfying, lol.

 Just saying. But if you kept up to date with the info you would know cos each player to their own. Will the original game still work without the expansion, without any in-game limitations as advertisement for HoT? The maguuma was my favourite place in Prophecies and EotN, so much incredible lore, I can't WAIT to find out how things have changed (or not!) also I have a great need to see magus falls again... heart emoticon . I come from the future. The future says release it tomorrow, instead of a week from now. Recently started a prophecies Olay through, really hope to see more familiar places and explorable areas in tyria!


except the dungeons and stuff

 Does this game have a lot of the bots, gil sellers, and crazy low drop rates on hnms? This game is not what you are looking for Adam. It is nothing like FF11. It's garbage Buy FFXIV Gil . If you're looking for FFXI 2.0 this isn't it. The end game in FFXI was horrible. Way to many low drops, some hnm were just camped to death. As I said I don't know a lot about the mechanics of this game. I sure do miss my Paladin/Ninja and Blm tho lol. There no hnms on this game or camping at all its more of dodging mechanics and doing them without a fail sometimes or wipes...and yes this game was alot of gilseller but they just spam you on /tells most of the times , there no gilseller fighting v for stuff on this game, the end game stuff on this game is not as hard core as FF11 it's more casual and get boring after so many time you spam them but nevertheless I love this games and sure miss 11. If u may ask. How is all of the absolute best gear obtained. I lived in Dynamis for my Paladin Shield lol. It was hell to get.

The best gear in the game is usually gotten through the endgame raids which are difficult and normally require a static to run. Gear that is just under the best gear and helps do those raids are gotten through FFXIV Gils a currency that caps every week and it takes months to get a full set that way. Also the armor that is just under the best gear is upgradeable through some sorts of materials gathered in the endgame raids themselves or through catch up patches that are released after the endgame raids which lets you farm for decent gear or upgrade materials. Christian Vilches is spot on. This is more of a wow clone dungeon grind and nothing like 11 was.

Huh. That sounds cool. Is there things to help drops like I used to use my thief with the thief knife and other bosters such as MOG house enhance and such. Are there boosts one can use for crafting and things like I mentioned above? Or is it totally different in them ways? As someone who still has extremely fond memories of 11 (played 7 years) I would say play this. It's not XI-2 but it's still extremely fun. Unlike 11 a lot of 14 is solable except the dungeons and stuff, but the story telling and combat is really top of the line. I would definitely recommend you give this a go.