My Favourite Patches in WoW

To be honest, I personally would rather have dailies.  Did we have a few too many at the beginning of mists?  Yes, but this open ended stuff is just not for me. Buying world of warcraft account I do love exploring, yes.  But I also enjoy having some direction.  If I'm going to have to jump out of game and look up on wowhead what all I can do on this island, that's a bit frustrating to me.
That's my concern, too.  You'll have parties of players roaming the island killing rares during peak hours, but other than that... there's not much of any reason to be there. Dailies in and of themselves are fine. WoW accounts for sale Dailies where they are the only way to get rep, and recipies and a personal resource farm are not. they feel mandatory, esp when they are the only way to spend VPs.
So I'd like a mix, but with multiple OPTIONS, not a mandatory (or seaminglly mandatory) path to progression.
5.1 was one of my favourite patches in WoW. The way they told the story was fantastic. The story was engaging. The ability to re-do those quests on any future character is great.

By contrast, 5.3 was quite possibly the most boring content patch, in my eyes. Aside from a few interesting quests there's no real lore. Just go to Barrens and kill hundreds of dudes to collect hundreds of things 'at your own pace'.
I could get much more gold continuing to do the Isle of Thunder dailies every day, and it only takes me 20 minutes per day. More VP in the long run, too. Plus a chance at the treasure scenario. Cheapest WoW accounts As it is, the Barrens holds such little reward for the time invested compared to the Isle of Thunder. Depending on the rares and treasure chests at Timeless Isle, it COULD be worthwhile going there...but I can see myself still hitting up the Isle of Thunder more often than visiting the new isle, after the honeymoon period.


A Few Ticks of Avoidable Damage

If the damage is unhealable, they will die whether you heal them or not. If the damage is healable, and you decide not to heal them, you are not doing your job. It's not burning mana unless you are mana starved by the end of the encounter (in which case, it saves mana to keep DPS alive to end it faster). 
sorry but there is a lot of damage in the game that is meant to be avoided.  I can spam fast expensive heals and keep someone alive through Iron Qon's spears for instance but I will go out of mana and the entire raid will likely wipe.  WoW accounts for sale
Or, I could stop healing someone and we could finish the kill with 9 people or 23-24 people, whatever.
Sorry, but a healer healing through bad will go out of mana far quicker than an extra dps would save on the kill time.  It's not even close actually.
There's a vast gulf between someone getting snippy and self-righteous about healing one or two ticks of floor fire off that one guy a few times, and having to desperately spam heal the guy who's been obliviously standing in the fire for the last 45 seconds.
Most people are talking about the latter...
The latter leads to an attitude that makes the former into acceptable behavior. If a 25 man raid is dependant on your heals, alone, then there are far bigger problems. 
6 healers in a 25 man will either a. not be able to keep someone in the fire alive on Iron Qon for longer than 3 seconds or b. have no trouble keeping him alive for the fight, depending on the difficulty. Either way, the correct course of action is always to try. 
I heal people through a few ticks of avoidable damage because I don't expect everyone to have fast reaction times or to even know the encounter mechanics (especially in LFR).
Like you say though, if they've been standing there for a while in a puddle and haven't moved then I have to give up trying to keep them alive.
And if you're not mana starved at the end of the fight your team could do with fewer healers. As a healer I will definitely heal a DPS who gets caught in the bad for a good reason. And I'll even waste a heal or two on "stupid," Where to buy wow accounts but only when priorities and mana pool allow. Being a team player includes bringing everything you've got.  Part of the job of DPS is to stay out of the bad, use your cookies, stand in the healing circles of goodness as possible, and use your defensive cool downs.

Runescape 3 is laggy hopeful

Hey when are talk going to bring back the old school look to runescape all this change is pretty lame. do you really runescape accounts think its going to take seven weeks for saradomin to win? cause he already has a win. because if it was free to play, everyone would play that and hardly anyone would pay for members.

Will it be like the last AMA when only Runescape accounts for sale positive questions were answered? might just ask him why did they piss around with th einterfaces in rs3... You people commenting suck. It's a vast improvement of EOC at least. Woot! Enjoying RS3! A bit tricky to get used to but buy runescape accounts excited for it!  i like the new UI i can put stuff where ever i want. but the new update is too much for my back up graphics card. my Nvidia burned out and RS before the update was all it could handle. now i cna barly move in game its lagging so bad.

 mod pleas get gdw 07 runescape.  Runescape 3 is laggy hopefully you guys fix  I really like the updates(but haters are gunna hate) but the only thing I would like to be put back as it was, is the logo icon for the client... I don't much care for the new one.


Geryon is Awesome

Name: Geryon is Awesome (pleeeeease?)
Description: Give the Best thing ever to Pretty Lass sell rs accounts
Levels required to complete: 71 Dungeoneering
Other content required (if known): Thok it to 'em

Name: Lorefiend
Description: Read the journal from the icefiend (misc. journal 3)
Levels required to complete: 5 Dg
Other content required (if known): n/a buy runescape accounts

(any other journal could also be used, but if you make it the strange token, you are evil)

Name: i'm a pyromaniac muahahaha
Description:burn a Grave creeper branches
Levels required to complete:90 firemaking
Other content required (if known)
Name:I got something caught BIG!!!
Description:fish a Cave moray
Levels required to complete:90 fishing
Other content required (if known)


I'm not familiar with RP

If I wasn't already a guild master in a nice guild with all alliance races,  Buying world of warcraft account I would definitely start an all-draenei guild. My goal would have been to have us work through the dungeons and raids from level 15 to 90, while I would also be interested in lore-discussion, transmogfun and other things. I would have to have someone else taking care of the RP-part of this guild, if it was to have a RP-part, as I'm not familiar with RP. To keep interest alive, and survive as a dranei-only guild I think it would be wise to have it be a RP-guild. I daydream about setting up guild ranks (vindicator etc), how the guild crest would look, and all those small details.

Absolute class act, IC and OOC. WoW accounts for sale My encounters with this guild have always been really positive and fun. Finding them in the Exodar about a year ago now, when a friend and I were still deciding whether or not we were going to transfer to Wyrmrest -- and being welcomed into one of their RP events (despite being on really low level alts) was one of the most welcoming things I've ever encountered in this game.  And it helped make up our minds. 

So much much <3 from Klimma, and grats on the well-deserved spotlight!  My silly goat may walk a different path than most of her people, but it's awesome to know there's always friendly faces back on Azuremyst should she ever wander back.
Good to see a Draenei guild finally getting some recognition   They mention Elysium - that is my guild.  We were formed on September 1st, 2008, and we're still going strong today.

It was a bit strange when we first met Kharanei, several months ago.  To see another group of players who had the same sort of charter, goals, and theme set that you did, from an entirely different realm?  It was like that episode of Futurama where they traveled to the end of the universe.  I would have to say this is the only positive thing that has come out of CRZ.  We'd not have met their guild, otherwise.  I know a few of our members are also part of their guild, which is fantastic.  Helps to facilitate the sharing of ideas.

I encourage anyone interested in Draenei lore,
World of Warcraft accounts history, and how our individual guilds have helped further the story to check us both out.  Their website is listed in the article, and ours can be found here:


Players from Outside the Battle Group

WOW for WoW!  That must've been one great gathering. Cheapest WoW accounts Congratulations to Thorgrun and his guild for organizing such a complicated event and making it one big party!   :-)
OK, now do we have someone on the Alliance side that can do the same?  I know there is.  There has to be.  Mr_Killik, you know some powerful people.  Drakenfyre, you have awesome connections.  JeffLaBowski is the most resourceful GM I know, in this or any other realm. 
 I want to echo Thorgrun's point in the article about GMs being cooperative and promoting this effort. Hats off to you all! You made our jobs so much easier by being available and questioning logistics to the nth degree.

Big Grats for this its nice to see a get together in a world of automated lfg. WoW accounts for sale Wish I could have been there, If you do one in the fall I will be there. Not sure how RP works though? Anyway I tip my hat to you guys for puting this together. How did you guys do the sign up for proplr outside of your battle group? Forums, third party site?

Roleplay is awesome! I just joined up for an RP guild on Ravenholdt. I love it. So engaging, and the guild is such a wonderful group! I'm new to roleplaying, and they're so understanding and awesome. I'd recommend giving it a try.
The 2013 Fall Kosh'harg will be held on Sunday Sept 22nd.  

Players from outside the battle group - along with all others - will have the opportunity to sign up to participate. World of Warcraft accounts  If your BattleTag is shared with the organizers you'll be invited to the Raid group which will phase you to the host server.


I LOVE Eoc update of rs

 I think he and his team haven't gotten nearly as much credit as they should have for the positive things they've done in the last few years. I think they are finally getting the squeal promos right - we've seen at least two now (that I know of) that strike a good balance, with players being able to acquire the items through gameplay without going through the squeal, but also having the option to get it on the squeal if they want sell rs accounts. The quests released in the last few years have been amazing - and the new Battle of Lumbridge quest looks like it's going to leave all of those quests in the dust. Player owned ports, the farming update, the triskellion chest update - not to mention all of the monster updates (as well as new monsters and areas/dungeons!). Plus the coming RS3!!!! The graphics alone look amazing, and I'm thrilled the midi music is going to be replaced - I might turn music back on.

Personally I'm okay with the bonus xp. I don't sell runescape accounts view it as the lvls being nearly as huge as people are claiming. (Again there's another example of the negativity.) There's always been free xp in the game AFAIK - lamps and straight-out xp from quests (some of the original 6 gave out xp), bonus weekends, etc. I've finished all but two of the currently available quests, so not much opportunity for bonus xp for me there - and there are certain skills (*cough* fishing *cough*) the grinding away of just bores me to rs accounts for sale tears. (But I want to do it to get to the good parts!)

But again - you have to remember it's about revenue. Why was the squeal and solomon's introduced into the game? Revenue. Why are ads on the f2p game? Revenue.

I might make the alt account a magic pure instead of a skill pure. (was gonna try to get all non-combat skills to 99 without working on combat skills, but...I find walking/running everywhere downright tedious.)

I also LOVE Eoc. Was hesitant at first, but once I got the hang of it - love, love, love. Especially omnipower.  BOOM! LOL


we just need a GE lodestone in RS

Now we just need a GE lodestone and all the F2Pers will be happy

Karamja lodestone will make lobsters/swordies cheaper. Wildy lodestone will be a good PKing spot. I approve of this update. We sell rs accounts who are players just like you and we can give Jagex the feedback they need.Ape Atoll and Trollheim are magic spells. Just by saying shows how ignorant and short-sighted you are. This game was based off F2P. Your precious game wouldn't be around without F2P. Jagex would never have gained more members that fuel the funds to pay for the game without having F2p.

You know what I would love love love to see...? Centre Dungeon teleports and loadstones. Do you know how annoying it is to get to the centre of some of them sometimes to fight monsters, or to the end? Necklaces and things were a good fix to reach a few. Well done with that idea.

A Zanaris loadstone would be very useful, and a Keldagrim loadstone rs accounts for sale.

Stop sticking your head where the sun doesn't shine and realize that this is the "#1 most popular FREE mmorpg". Goodbye. i love the new lodestones- suggestions for new ones, I thought may include shilo village, ape atoll, trollheim and possibly sophenam. great update jagex!!!


I hope new Runescape 3 release has a more updated HTML5 version

Several rs pages are completely unresponsive for me in chrome. such as solomon's store and the html5 beta. Unless this is fixed when rs3 is released i won't be able to play it as it's exclusive to chrome. I've tried looking on tech support forums but they won't opn, and i am VERY FRUSTRATED.I think plot holes will be filled in by Jagex saying that today's problems have been solved by an anonymous adventurer who went into retirement. I hope the release has a more updated HTML5 version so that players will actually be able to play with  runescape accounts for sale the new graphics. Right now the HTML5 beta is unplayable for me as well as many other players.

Well the only thing i can say there is level up buy runescape accounts combat and do world wakes. I mean Jagex specifically lowered the requirements to it to make it more accessible to more players. I'm so excited! RS3 comes out just as I go into a 4 month hiatus for my combat engineers course. Literally, the day it releases, I'm on course. i realy hope i can participate in the battle for lumbridge cause we'll be on holyday than so i hope i can still play it in the beginning of august. For those of us that refuse to download Google chrome, the release date is of no concern. Way to go Jagex, force another third of the community out of the game.


Dramen Staff or fairy rings

Zanaris: use your Dramen Staff or fairy rings
Sophanem: Magic carpets
Neitzenot and Jatizo: Soon to be Relleka loadstone, sell runescape accounts Lyre, chipped Relleka POH teleport
Miscellania: Ring of Wealth, Miscellania teleport, Fairy Ring
Uzer: Dominion Tower amulet, Magic Carpet, running
Dmaemonhiem: Use your ring...?
Dorgesh-kaan: Good idea.
Piscatoris fishing colony: Phoenix Lair teleport runescape accounts for sale

Most of these locations are easy to get and already have good teleportation ways. We don't need lodestones for those.

Thank You for updating the lodestone! More easy access to slayer masters and slayer dungeons, also please dont't make it have any requirements/quest rewards, so everybody can use it, even low level!

Oh great, another EasyScape update that panders to the lazy player.

Please give the new lodestones quest requirements, task requirements, or building materials to construct. That would be a good compromise for their existence.


I'd rather play d2

all these dislikes.... dear me are you all aware that Diablo 1 and 2 were on the ps1 and they were awesome, bunch of retards go cry into your pillow.

This might actually make Diablo fun. These top to bottom games are always D3 items best played on console. Lots of memories mobbing buldures gate with some friends.Come on guys compremonos console edition 2937372829282 gifts given to us to raise our character in two hours we gave Incidentally these bangin wings that are only yes you buy Diablo 3 gold the collector's edition pc zillion euros worth And finally put molongas lot and make the game chachi in her mouth giving all those who bought and has today play the pc beta payment .....

Bien blizzard bien If you are gonna put it on console, then please also release an android/IOS version.

Id rather play d2 again than waste another minute on the Crap which is d3. It's a league of legends mod for D3. Made just for the consoles. It will be a very different game, not a true d3. Then Jim presses start, and they're all like Diablo 3 account sale

"guys, calm down I gotta swap out my skills, these ones suck"
-5 minutes later-
"okay, now that we're done that battle, swap your skills."
-15 minutes later-


art team of RS

To the art team - do you have in-game models ready for all of the gods? Are you guys 100% on what you want them to look like, and are just waiting for the quests to be ready? What can we expect from some of the unseen gods (Zaros, Desert Pantheon, Zamorak etc) buying runescape account?

Thanks for your time.

Got 3 Questions

Q. What was your first art content of Runescape you made (and if you ever had a job before working at Jagex then wich company was it and what art did you made there)

Q. What was the hardest art content you ever made  runescape accounts selling so far and what will be your most fav. art content that you made or worked on (with multiple people)

Q. How long did it took you for your longest art content you ever worked on so far (years, months, days...)