Heavensward pre-order was released

The pre-order was released a while back, you have to purchase it from the squenix online store .

 Made 2 Au Ra, super excited for their release. Shame it isn't earlier, all this waiting is eating at me. Torn between making a new character or usng a Fantasia.... I love my miqo'te... but.... the Au Ra are so cool!  I want my Au Ra now FFXIV Gil... Miqo'te does nothing for me now.

Eh to each their own. Maybe it IS a "new" feeling, but I wasn't excited about the race till I saw Yugiri. I find Hyur to be incredibly uninteresting. I think I'd play a Roe before ever making a Hyur.

Is the benchmark being made available for Mac ahead of launch?

According to the official benchmark page, this benchmark will not be available for Mac. However, I recall hearing about an additional benchmark coming before buy FFXIV Gil the release, so on that one.. maybe?


The tenacity of Neople

so all those ppl claiming to be hacked and losing all their stuff bought gold at some point?

why would sellers steal their money back i wonder...interesting news DFO Gold nonetheless. keep up the good work neople.  This is why FP is awesome. When they increase the cap to 80/85 and add the new content, it's going to slow down gold buying a hell of a lot. It will already take a while to reach end game, but good luck not cheap DFO Gold getting caught before you make it to 85. Then they make one sell and boom banned.

It's gonna be hilarious. I'm glad and impressed by The tenacity of Neople, however even though these hackers are terrible and same with farmers and botters, I do not think that equivalates to using fear to get people to do what you want (terrorism). Other than that Neople you rule.

Didn't even hack or buy gold or go on any third party sites and I still got sweeped of all my gold and cubes a couple days ago, I don't even know how.


update for FFXIV Dark knight

You only need to scroll down to see the job info - it's the first thing under the trailer background, but some people are still getting the old site for some reason.  What class will need to do a Dark knight and others classes ? you guy maybe put it on website too.

You don't. You pick the jobs up like you pick up base classes.  Really ? But i believe he'll need maybe war or pally for do DK.  Obviously you'd need those for cross-class skills, depending on if both will be from the other two tanks, but you only need to have any class to 30. (I hear this often and it's pointless if that's confirmed, as you need to have completed the level 50 storyline to go to Ishgard and pick up the new jobs)

Either way, you just go to Ishgard and pick them up if you're able to.


playing FFXIV on PS4

Do we just need to max arr or do we need ilvl120... there's to many FFXIV Gil rumours for me to tell guilds?   Have to wait to buy this add on if you have not finished 2.55 patch this add on means nothing , so I can wait for price drop to far behind to finish before release。

Level 50-60 skills and passives preview please! Come on give us something useful while we wait for Heavensward. Anyone else having proiblems getting the e-mails to change password?

Hey everyone!! I hope this post is not too mundane, but I could REALLY use your help! I'm currently playing FFXIV on PS4 (long enough to become a level 40 conjurer). Having to use the remote to "speak" to other characters is terrible and in combat situations nearly impossible. Is there a secondat keyboard or some other way to type text/converse while simultaneously using the PS4 remote cheap FFXIV Gil?

Any word on when we'll have Heavensward and the Collect. Edition on the PlayStation Network? Will be funny if have dragons invasions on Ishgard city.  You mean like Besieged in FFXI? That would be fun.


appreciate the daily FP pots

Why should ANYONE appreciate the daily FP pots? It's literally taking playtime away from you just to give it back and say "be grateful for this". I've seen you comment on tons of posts. Your arguments hold no water. You don't seem to DFO Gold be enjoying the game, so just unlike the page already.

Honestly I'm surprised people even still have time to play after burning through all their fatigue. Or a alt's fatigue. Don't people do other things in their lives? Lmao.  Don't worry we got your back. It's the immature people that mostly want the fatigue system out. Fatigue is a good wake up call for when I need to play real life again.

I like the FP system! Shoot can get at least 3 to 4 hours with that much FP. Thank you for keeping the system. Nexon changed the fp system and gave us more then we should and players got bored. I feel that's why dfo shut down in the first place.


FP system works in DFO

Gives me more reason to play the next day, that's for sure. And that's the bottom line,cause Mr.CEO said so. . lol Seriously though thanks for sticking to your guns on this.Most of my fellow Americans are so used to buy DFO Gold spending hours upon hours playing the same game that I think they think every game should follow that model.Thanks for not caving in.Stay awesome,Neople.

I'm okay with the FP system; I work full time and just seeing that DFO is back is such a wonderful thing.Yay fatigue points stay. Time to brush up on your pvp skills Dungeon Fighters! !

I haven't left. I'm just really into Bloodborne and Axiom Verge right now. Soon as I get bored of them I'm coming back.  I've seen some clips about Bloodborne and I really wanna give it a DFO Gold . Sadly I can't afford a copy of the game.


Today's "Pic of the Day" is brought to us by Alexander Herrera

Today's "Pic of the Day" is brought to us by Alexander Herrera:
"The moment you get an epic after 30 dry runs and it's a weapon you can't use... (a good one also)"   how about a afk witch, who stay dead. We killed the boss and she gets shooting star from the card...

I would be so pissed, as a bowgun user. I got this on my male nen hue nen spiral+wooyo's= Done

you know, Fireberg is pretty lenient on what words mean!
Brought to us by Mykell Booze:
" I don't exactly have a pic for the day, but i do have an interesting dfo trailer video that I think you would be interested to see. i want the dfo hype to reach maximum heights, and i made DFO Gold so i could share with everyone who truly felt the loss of dfo back then!"

This could have been way better. While showing the articles about it closing, they could have shown the trailer when the old DFO world was being destroyed. When it showed the articles of it coming back, then they could have shown trailers showing the new world, characters were eventually going to get and the two Apostles were going to be able to buy DFO Gold fight later on.


Metal Slime silver PS4

Any chances of that special Metal Slime silver PS4 coming State side??  It think its safe to say big franchise games have moved on from the PS3 for their main titles. Still go SE for bringing it to a FFXIV Gil current gen console..now can you do the same for FF I to VI. I think VI especially could do with a remaster in the style of Type-0 buy FFXIV Gil. Enix making great moves these years, cant wait for this and XV. om what I've played from Dragon Quest, this may well be worth you trying .

Full scale action RPG....let's just call it what it is. DW with a Dragon Quest skin. I have nothing against it as I enjoy DW but calling it a RPG is kind of a joke.  This is cool and all, but will they release it for Ps3 too? Because otherwise IMPORT .

 So does that mean it'll be like Kingdom hearts style fighting ? If so that would be cool and I'd totally play it

 what we all wanna know is, when is the release date for us and EU. Same as JP? Few months after? 3years? acha que vai valer a pena? Fiquei na vontade de adquirir hahah
To na fase do Dragon!  I think so?
So little is known about the game, apart from the fact that it's the first non-turn-based Dragon Quest game buy DFO Gold.