Second Life Comes to WoW

When i started reading this my first thought was "second life comes to wow". Cheapest WoW accounts so it was interesting to see the DJ claim she's never even been in second life. 
Might be something for her to look at though. 
I'm on that server, but with my alliance alts, so even if I could go I'd be unable to speak to anyone. I stayed on PvE servers horde side because when I went looking the places I checked were too concentrated on blood elves and I felt I'd be on full servers that were empty outside of silvermoon inns.. WoW accounts for sale. ;-)
 Our afterparty dj attends the club each week on one of her alliance characters throughout the whole party.  Our Dubstep/DnB dj, Aulu, is also alliance.  Whilst horde does tend to provide the better experience, there are still usually people to have fun with ally-side!
The event started out Horde-only over 2 years ago, then became a "Horde on Friday, Alliance on Saturday" event soon afterward.  When Trixxiz tried to hold both halves on the same day, it became more Horde-leaning simply because the Horde one was always the larger event, resulting in people who were Ally-only to exploit the game to attend (by dying just outside the Filthy Animal and resurrecting on the other side of the wall out of reach of the Sunreavers), which in turn resulted in the Alliance event becoming empty.

We were worried about Blizz taking issue with the exploits, so we've been at neutral venues since then, but most people who used to attend the old separate events with factional alts still prefer to attend the current event as Horde, hence the Horde attendance bias.  Unfortunately, World of Warcraft accounts this has the effect of sometimes discouraging Alliance from attending at all.  So every other week, I log onto my Alliance DJ (Amylin) and shout out club announcements with her for the Alliance to hear.

Complain About PvP Power Scaling for Healers

I would complain about pvp power scaling for healers (healers get much less +healing per pvp power than dps get +dmg) but even if I did 100% more healing there would be times I or my teammates would die Where to sell World of Warcraft accounts  because the burst is so insane I can't get a single heal off so it's kind of a moot point.
“The increase to PvP power most benefits melee DPS, as again, they are the classes most affected by weapon stats.”

I don't know how you draw that conclusion, Olivia. PvP Power doesn't buff weapon stats — it buffs overall damage by a percentage. A 10% buff to PvP power will affect a warlock casting a 100k chaos bolt just as it would affect a warrior hitting a 100k heroic strike: it makes them both hit for 110k.
I play PvP in two MMOs:

- Legends PvP in DCUO. It uses (reasonably) balanced pre-made characters that can't be upgraded in any way. Everyone is in a more or less level playing field.

- GW2's Structured PvP. It bumps every character to max level with all skills unlocked and a full set of the best PvP-only gear, with alternative PvP gear being offered for free. Everyone is in a more or less playing field, and a player can go from rolling a new character of whichever class he wants to try his hand in competitive PvP to actually playing with that character in GW2's equivalent to Arenas in a matter of minutes.

I'm only going to try WoW's PvP the day it can match that kind of level playing field. I'm just not interested in a game where grind is actually a factor in winning, where to buy WoW accounts at least for PvP.


Talk About 40 Hours to Level a Toon

 I have owned a gamestore for 5 years and I probably played a bit too much but I mostly just sit here when the kids are in school. buy cheap wow accounts It only takes about 40 hours to level a toon if you start them all and level them while rested with full heirlooms.  Only the first toon was a bitch.
I recently bought the expac recently and seriously wish I hadn't.  PvP Power indeed...  I reckon I'm done with WoW and Blizzard games from now on.  'We want PvP to be about  gear and skill' - Yes that is all very well you blithering retard but if you think I am going to spend a whole season getting drilled because I came in half way forget it.  It usually takes 
They could just implement a system like challenge mode dungeons.  Just normalize everybody's gear for a regular BG.  Make it all about skill and coordination.   Keep Rated BG's the same.
 In SWTOR, they have "bolster", in which a lvl 10 can play vs a lvl 49 (one lvl from cap) in the same warzone (BG's) and compete well.  This bolsters your gear and your dmg output to that of a lvl 49 character, even if your toon is only lvl 10.  It's great.  The difference between a lvl 10 and a lvl 49 is talent points and abilities.  Obviously, the lvl 49 is going to have more talents and more abilities, however, that has never stopped me from destroying them in pvp. fast wow gold I would love to see WoW implement something like this.  They could keep the lvl brackets, but bolster everyone to say....BoA gear stats and dmg so it's even.


Multi mobile platform of WOW

Multi mobile platform trojans are not possible, each platform would require a specific set of virus code.. how to buy wow gold.. all platforms affected at the same time means this is highly unlikely. A keylogger on the PC would not get around the auth requirement. The mobile armory DOES require auth to sell, buy and claim, though it can be imported directly from the auth if it is on the same mobile.
 I'm not saying it's the same program. I'm saying it's same attacker as in person or organization using multiple tools. 

Attacker takes data using a trojan from the pc.
That data is then input into a mobile device using the mobile armory,
where to buy wow accounts but not by the same program. The only thing that has to be common between the diff platforms is the stolen username and password, all that is two strings.

That still would not circumvent the authenticator. Unless, and I did not want to say this, there is a way of mining the serial code of the mobile auth and using it as a restore code on a different device... then all you need is what you have said, the username and password.

 I was under the mistaken impression that the mobile armory app did not use the authenticator. Been awhile since I've used the mobile armory. Hmmm. If they're bypassing the authenticator somehow then that is something to chew on. Are there reports of it happening with users of all the major mobile platforms? Does the Android app require the authenticator code to make purchases?

WoW Insider has sourced and vetted this information. WoW accounts for sale We believe it, to the best of our knowledge, to be factual and true. That said, this is all tagged allegedly until we hear directly from Blizzard about the hack and the fix.


view of barbarian leveling guide

I disagree on your resistance numbers unless you're talking without war cry. a3 champs/rares will instagib you with 9k armor and 700 resist.

otherwise a pretty decent post, though I'd recommend charge/dreadnaught for a3 on, the survivability increase of gap closer/opener + heal + decent damage is really hard to ignore, especially with the amount of ranged mobs you'll find from a3 on.

I like the guide, very well-written. There are a few minor things I disagree with that I will point out here. I personally don't use Seismic Slam, but I can see how it would be useful and may try it out some more Diablo 3 accounts. Also, I fear Fire Chains more than Molten/Arcane, but I often have Leap+Iron Impact, so maybe that makes Arcane easier for me.

The big thing I disagree with is your statement that Ignore Pain is absolutely necessary. Personally, I often use Threatening Shout with Falter in place of it, and only use it if I know there is an area of heavy spike damage that the 5-7 seconds of it can cover greatly. If you do the math, even with the 7 second rune, 30/7 = 4.28. 65/4.28 = 15.18. Thus, using it on cooldown (which isn't always a good idea, obviously) would net you roughly 15% d3 gold consistent damage reduction over time. This is merely for a purpose of comparison, as I said, there are times where having that higher reduction on demand will be superior to blanketing it for every pull. Anyway, Threatening Shout, however, has the potential for full uptime of 20% reduction, plus the attack speed debuff from the Falter rune. This is why I tend to prefer it for many situations, but that could be personal preference -- it is just something I thought I would add.


I am not very good at PvP.

I promise. buy cheap wow accounts Please correct me if my statement is wrong or poorly thought out.

I am not very good at PvP.  Why?  I've never taken the time to properly instruct myself in using my mouse for movements and keybinding spells and powers.  I click away like a madman when I do PvP and a few times I get kills, but if I ever go up against a true PvP'er, I get absolutely destroyed.  And I'm ok with that.  So my point is, there's almost nothing they can do that will give a PvE'er, like me, an advantage over a true PvP'er.  No stat inflation, or gear ilvl adjustment will help me one bit against someone Olivia. 

So with all these changes that they are planning on the PTR....doesn't it come down to PvP'ers performance against other PvP'ers?  This isn't going to give anyone that raids an advantage over those that PvP.

 The way I understand it is like this. A top geared PvE player might be doing better burst vs a top geared PvPer. 
I don't know how hard it would be, but I would think maybe putting resilience on lower level PvP gear and leaving it off higher level stuff would help the situation better. Just throwing that out there. 

 Keybinding has really improved my PvE gameplay. how to buy WoW gold I've not messed around with it much in PvP yet, but it makes getting the right ability at the right time much easier.


Threat Difference Between Mmonk and Warrior

Threat difference between monk and warrior (our composition) is really awkward. buy world of warcraft gold To keep building Elusive Brew and keeping Shuffle up, I need to attack. But to not overaggro I have to not attack. Also find myself waiting for three Sunder Armor in the start of the fight (I like to not start the tanking, to build up stuff), which is cute and nostalgic and all that, but not really fun.
 We're having some severe issues with swaps in our raid--even between tanks of the same class. These are experienced, well-geared, knows-what-they're-doing tanks, but the tank who starts off the attacks can way too easily pull back the boss with just white attacks right now. It's crazy.
Every taunt ability now increases all threat generated against the target by 200% while the taunt is active.
Those who participate in PvP Pet Battles should happily note that round timers will get progressively shorter for a player who takes more than 15 seconds to issue a command during their turn.

Any battle pet that could be rewarded from a Throne of Thunder boss in LFR will now be able to be won from a bonus roll as well.

Google claims a number of products SEO poor performance of themselves

According to foreign media reports, Google on Wednesday released a report, a number of products in the company's search engine optimization (hereinafter referred to as "SEO") aspects of poor performance.

This report shows that up to 49, including the Google home page, including a number of Google assets in many SEO metrics are lagging behind competitors. For example, in a Google search for "search engine" (search engine), the top four are Dogpile, AltaVista, Bing and Ask.com. Fifth is the Google CSE, but this is only a test of Google products. 
I have 3 years experience on SEO. Once I committed to diablo 3 account sale. I usually write guides for d3 players about Diablo 3 items for sale skills training and diablo 3 gold making.Google Home will not appear in the first page of search results. But Google also said that the company plans to improve this information with their SEO levels and for other companies to help.

This report covers the 100 models Google products. The company also plans to introduce a future for the world's different regions of the SEO reports.
Google under review in a number of indicators, the most failed one is "Search results show." In the index, there are three different types of ratings less than or equal to 33 points (out of 100), belonging to a lower score, the lowest of which one is "title tag format and length", scoring only 10 points. This refers to the search results, the blue link text and the text below describes the amount of information. The report also gives several solutions, including the title tag of the page using descriptive words and phrases.
Other projects include low scores through pictures and logos to guide the target site. This is mainly talking about Google products left corner logo. Report noted that such a marking, more than half are directed to the wrong page, which also includes 404 pages. Google gave relatively good for SEO solutions that all use a 301 redirect. This will all links point to the same page, so that search engines can re-record the correct address of the page.
But Google's report is not all bad news, Google's home page to provide clear outcomes were superior, meaning that only one or two links to the main product page. In addition, Google in the use of title tags and internal anchor text has also performed well.


enjoy RS journey competition

Argentina was my Spanish friend's guess, so we can call this even :)
We liked your video- very much from the heart. Maybe we spent too much time arguing about where you were from to fully appreciate it. Hope to see you in-game, and good luck!

Hey I just wanted to say thanks for giving me the chance to make the final cut, and even though I probably won't win it's been fun and I'm glad I'm part of this competition top 10ers. Best of luck to everyone else!!the picture didnt show up because i didnt have "allow embedding" i have clicked allow, thankyou

someone commented on my vid that I qualified cheap runescape accounts, and I didn't know how to check lol. I hope everyone likes my video entry! :)

(though, I kinda think the voting system is unfair. id prefer they put the poll on the rs page than whomever has the most 'likes' because some people don't have youtube accs therefore cant vote, the youtubers can remove the likes/dislikes function from their video, its more accessible for rs players, and the rs youtube channel actually liked one of the top 10 thus getting more views and likes)

I think I was the someone lol, and I kinda agree with you  selling runescape accounts on the voting system as it may be a bit unfair.
I really can't believe the support I'm getting!!! Thank you so much and your video was great too. It's too bad it didn't make it to the list but I still think it was great!!

It seems Jagex wanted to creep on our faces after all; but you are welcome. :P

There were great entries, but I liked yours the best. The editing was fresh.

Best of luck, Controk8. Thank you so much, and the editing was actually what I was most worried about. I've learnt how to edit this video in an hour (my first attempt at a video and editing!) and took me like 2-3 days to finish rs gold for sale editing, so I'm happy I'm getting good reactions to the editing.

Change two level 90 talents of WOW

Blizzard have said countless times they're reluctant to change the play-style of a class mid-expansion. safe wow gold So what do they do? Change two level 90 talents (one supposedly because all Afflic locks are taking it -- why change MF, then?).

Now okay, that's a pretty drastic change that we've been used to since 5.1, certainly 5.0 for those who took KJC. (FYI, it's not okay, but whatevs). So we'd have to re-learn to get used to that.

To counter this huge nerf they change how another ability works (Fel Flame) and buff damage elsewhere. Once again forcing us to re-learn our play style. Mid-expansion.This is why I imagine most locks are angry -- certainly me, at least -- as the constant nerf/buff cycle is getting too much. It's disparaging.

I've enjoyed playing my lock in Mists, even pre-5.1 it felt different and enjoyable. The buff to KJC was hugely welcome and added a big chunk of fun to the class and the Green Fire questline was (IMO) underrated but enjoyable nonetheless. Now I honestly don't think I'll continue to play my lock when this goes through as there's little to make me feel like a Warlock compared to my Mage or Boomkin. And I was thinkin' on coming back to wow, guess not, pvp was now kind of fun, warlock now being a moving piñata instead of a still one, guess they're coming to being useless again.

Basically if you use mana you have to play with one foot chained to the ground, but if your a hunter you can run and gun to your hearts content. Good to be a hunter I guess.Can't they just leave the darn class alone for a patch or two? buy cheap wow accounts I've stopped playing my warlock some time ago because i've literally had to re-learn how to play it every other patch. and this has been going pretty much since late vanilla.

WoW History

 A little bit of WoW history. When Blizzard decided to work on an MMO the original iteration was a PvP game and the lead dev was Jeff Strain who headed up the formation of Arena Net and went on to make the original Guild Wars. safe wow gold Blizzard wasn't sure how it would pan out and they started looking at EverQuest. EverQuest was originally designed do be a QUEST based game, hence the name. Not a raid based game.

Due to the complexity of the quest system for EQ coupled with the fact that the game just didn't give enough "hints" to promote the questing/role playing aspects of the game, people gravitated to what was under their noses, which was leveling and loot. More raids got added in. Blizzard devs took note as at the time EQ was the number 1 MMO in the continental U.S. with only DAoC and AC as real competitors.

Blizzard hired EQ uber guild leaders to be their devs. Blizzard talks about lore and even role playing in the context of a role playing game from time to time, but none of it means a thing in the grand spectrum of the game because raiding and role playing in the context of a role playing game doesn't mean a thing when you hide critical parts of your story in a raid that most people will never even see once. This however is also why Blizzard devs for the most part only listen to uber guilds.

Sadly, this is also why WoW will never truly be a real "role playing game". buy cheap wow accounts You don't hire ubers and powergamers who don't understand role playing fundamentals to design a role playing game. What you wind up with is what EQ devolved into and games like WoW and many of their clones. Modern MMO's by and large have become a huge disappointment.

D3 story is weak

Lmao the game runs like Poo on a computer twice as fast as a PS4. How good do you think your 7 yr old GPU on your current gen console will run it.These same idiots think there playing at 1080p as well.

Wow awesome, my tv looks almost like this one, and over a few months i can play my favo game on it. MASTERLIJK

Those of us who know how horrible D3 ended up being are actually warning those who haven't played it and waiting for the console versions. And judding by those screenshots it looks like exploration to find certain exits is thrown out the window for multiplayer  if everybody is on the same machine. That was a poor feature to add Diablo 3 account sell.

Me da dolor de ojos ver a los consoleros jugar a una saga tan mítica como diablo. Vergüenza de blizzard.

D3 is dead. Stop trying to make some more money! It's not going to work Blizzard -.-!

been a diablo fan since the 90s. Diablo 3 account  was anticlimactic to say the least, and had no storyline. i still attempted to sell it to my other friends only because of what impact part 1 n 2 left on me. D3 story is weak, gameplay is below par and drops (not played for 6 mths) suck. thanks for reanimating a dead corpse of a franchise one last time!

 If anything, they should put D2 on XBox/PS.....D2 is sweet! And I am sure most people (including myself) would much rather play D2 than D3 any day d3 account

Blizzard, not the same company it used to be. Lets not fix our game and instead hand it out to even more fans so we can make more money. This is the message you are sending your once loyal fans. I am so disappointed.


Silencing Shot Is No Longer A Talent

wow gold for sell So now I have to spec MM to have an interrupt?!?!  (Scatter Shot does not work on many raid mobs nor on any dungeon or raid bosses)
 I'm aware of certain pets having an interrupt but that requires the pet to on the mob that needs to be interrupted. Anyone hunter responsible for a certain mob on multi-mob fights (Horridon for example) knows that your pet isn't always where it needs to be to do so. I'm so sad for my warlock. so sad. fast wow goldKil'jaden's cunning was the only thing that I really feel like it made the warlock a unique experience. Like he's made a deal with evil powers allowing him to do stuff mage's can't. And man good luck to those without green fire now! 
Flexible raiding sounds great, but I'd really like to see a 10 man version scaled down for 8-9 people, for those frequently frustrating times when you just can't find enough people, even with pugging.  There was mention a few days ago that they're considering allowing you to clear trash with 8-9 people, but bosses would still need 10. I don't know if that means you won't be able to engage the boss with less than 10, or if it'll just stomp you flat with less than 10.
They're still trying to make 'Shrooms worthwhile, I see. buy world of warcraft accounts I wish they'd just throw in the towel on that - it's the core concept of them (a heal that can 'miss' if the target moves) that's the issue, not the details that they mess with every patch.
Shrooms were never meant to be a targeted heal though. They're good for planning ahead for things, like times when you have to group up, etc. I'm actually more interested in Genesis. It makes all those tossed Rejuvs into quick heals instead of slowly ticking up.
That's the core problem, though - the fact that they *aren't* a targeted heal.  I never used them because there were so very few situations where one of my normal heals wasn't a better choice.  They can keep fiddling with the dials on it, but they're putting lipstick on a pig.


Adventure in Diablo 3

Blizzard will be other properties owned by the adventure category which, in fact this is a miscellaneous category.

1, the moving speed: moving speed in the non legend article, only the shoe is provided, which is efficient and a survival affect your attributes.

2, the amount of gold found: This property affects the yield of gold is an important means you get money diablo 3 gold. The amount of gold found in the character when there is some nudity addition, ensure that you are not a story. Another addition to the items offered gold pickup addition, it also can be stacked 加涅法雷姆 Wrath of the BUFF to increase up to 5% of the gold layer 75 drop.

3, the amount of magic treasure found: This property affects the quantity and quality of loot (here only refer to color), MF higher the value, the possibility of falling objects, the higher the number, drop magic, rare even legendary items the higher the chance. MF's revenue is a complex problem, but there are some simple conclusions to be shared, first, MF loot  does not affect the level of grade level, item level only with the level where you are on the scene and difficulty; secondly, Although MF higher the value, the swap rate is higher, but after version 1.03, MF value is limited by diablo 3 accounts the courage Niefaleimu number of layers stacked in full without prior BUFF, in order to obtain two more Gold Drop , is highly unlikely. More specific studies on the MF can see the other articles in this topic.

4, the experience bonus (percentage): This attribute nothing to say, it will be smaller in leveling helpful, kill monsters in experience increased by a certain percentage of the original experience.

5, kill Experience Bonus: This property strictly speaking there is no real difference with the experience bonus, difference is that this property is not a percentage increase, but at a fixed value added.


A Random Queue for Previous Tiers in the LFR

I think what they really need is a random queue for previous tiers in the LFR. World of Warcraft accounts for sell Waiting around for 40+ minutes just for some damn sigils is deeply irritating when I'm fairly sure not many people spread over all 5 raids give a damn which one they end up in as long as they get their sigils/valour/alt upgrade and it would be a lot faster if we were all in the same queue.
I tend to use the long LFR ques as time to get my weekly valor cap. World of Warcraft gold. I normally que a scenario and a dungeon at the same time as my LFR. The scenario lasts long enough to cover the dungeon que time and the dungeon just about covers the LFR que time.. If i'm still waiting for LFR after I do the dungeon I do my tillers or some other time filling activity.
If you start from beginning of the expansion and try to do EVERY step to get this Legendary weapon at the end.  From beginning to end.  It is the longest, hardest grind to get a Legendary.  The only other that comes close is Thunderfury. But that only had a few steps with only 2 drops that required luck.  Everything else required money and/or a good guild.
"legendaries should be hard to get, should require months of work, and should not have catch-up systems. That doing all those things makes them less legendary"
You resumed it pretty well right there.
And to be clear, I'm not against the change. But the "legendary" feeling is completely lost with it. It's just orange epics.
There was nothing "legendary" about it in the first place, like any of the legendary weapons in WoW. Just a mix of stuff you were going to do anyway and hellish grinding you'd never do if there wasn't an orange tag involved.



 CRZ was a great Step 1, now comes Step 2. World of Warcraft accounts for sell Just because a hundred people on the WoW forums are crying out in impotent rage, doesn't mean CRZ is bad or hated by most players. Buy wow accounts  All the real downsides of CRZ will be (potentially - hopefully) corrected with this change, such as auction house issues and low numbers of people to group with and run raids or other content.
Things like competition for rares and resources aren't downsides - they're the intended result. Blizz doesn't want things in the open world to be easy to get just because you're on a low pop server; the game is designed for all servers to have healthy populations. They're just finding new ways to make that a reality.
WoW accounts cheap The point of my post wasn't to create an entirely-new CRZ discussion.  That's been done to death for more than a year now.
The point was that CRZ was a less-than-perfect solution that was met with a fantastical level of negative noise from players, even though others were patient with it.
This thing may or may not turn out to be another divisive, disappointing thing.  Or it could be the population salvation feature we've all been hoping for.
This is simply the next step. I told you so, days ago. After 2006 we had cross server BG's, in 2009 we had cross server dungeons, some months later the first cross server raids and finally in 2012 cross server open world play (seamless and without, even a loading screen putting DIFFERENT SERVERS into world zone play).
CRZ technology is incredible and it was never EVER implemented in ANY other landscape based MMO without loading screens and seamless play between avatars on different servers/realms.
Don't lie to me ever again. You are hurting my intelligence.
And now comes the next step: cross server AH's and guild recruitment through using cluster server techniques.
Fabulous undertaking. You are the proof of a typical Blizzard hater btw: always commenting in a negative way. Always.