I have so many mud pouches and filigreed hats its insane

 I just wish that it wasn't 100% random. I have so many mud pouches and filigreed hats its insane. Whats wrong with rewarding them at random but after that each festival memento/food thing that item is taken out of rotation so you will eventually be able to collect them all (per character). I didnt even complete 10 myself Buy Blade and Soul Gold (10days/times doing all the quest) and got 1 hat twice so i traded and now have both, got the mudball twice but im keeping one for a friend and got the recipe twice.

Only thing i dont have is the bathrobe thing and people are selling some for less then 5k in zone chat, so if i dont get it by the end of the festival, ill buy one. I bought it for 30k. Last thing I needed! So glad I was done with quests lol. took me about 4 days for each system I play on, Xbox One and PC, to get the towel. I was getting worried lol. For the record...the regular Colovian Fur Hood, has a glitch where it cuts off the bottom of your beard, or goatee, or braids. Yet, the cooler looking Filligreed Hood is perfectly fine. I just noticed this after I ended up with one of each, comparing each ones looks. Makes the beard look like a Jaw-strap.

Going rate for it is about 30k, not 100k. And if you end up finding one yourself after buying it, you can then just sell it and make your money back: that's what I did. Didn't get that. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold Pretty much jumped into the icy water in my armor. Oh, and I didn't get a nordic towel. The rewards were inconsistent. Got plenty of juggling knives though.  It's a legendary-rarity item, thus the "inconsistency". I enjoy getting to travel around to places I haven't been yet, to complete these quests... but man oh man, any quest involving dancing or performing in an area... it just doesn't work. The performance kit doesn't work, and the pin doesn't work. I just use the item, it goes into cool down, but nothing happens. Getting the optional task of doing it in a group is easy enough... but my character still doesn't actually do anything, and then I can't get the quest to complete. Quite frustrating.

 I've tried everything... doesn't work. It's just bugged, I think, for a lot of people. I've gone through a number of discussion boards and the best solution people can come up with is, "just keep trying," which I've done. Shouldn't be that hard to complete the simple task, but something about it just isn't set up correctly. I'm stuck watching people come and go, completing it with ease, as my character does nothing.


how to defeat the Sacred Longgui in Blade and Soul

This 24-member raid challenges groups of players to defeat the Sacred Longgui and his minions throughout increasingly difficult levels—for increasingly significant rewards. Especially lootbox and the price for upgrades... The thing the pisses me off is the grind that u have to do to get the stuff for upgrades. :/ game seem fine to me, playing on a laptop with #5 Setting... Cheap Blade and Soul Gold no lag at all.  its slowly changing into p2w game .. am stuck in 650 ap its really hard now ,. neither be a hardcore nolife farmer all day or just chill and pay !

The lag problem if u play in sea region. try msp on full without ctrl f xd. Tuan Tran, did u tick all the boxes & set anti-aliasing FXAA to 4? agree Dhia Lbz. Just chill and play. I enjoy this game and play as my own paste. 2 hrs on weekdays and more on weekends. My sin got to 705ap and SF @ 600. No need to be rush. Actually the upgrade getting much easier compared to when we just started. My SF got to 600ap in less than two months . B&S you guys really need to concider of fixing your game thats if you don't want gamer to joy play your game, you guys have to many heckers, bots,to many grinding for upgrading, to many laging, to many freaken errors, grafic laging, and so much more that the players can add, so stop sitting around and start fixing it.

After updating the game, this is was I got.... " A debugger has been found running in your system. Please, unload it from your memory and restart your program." .. Wth is this? Blade and Soul Gold Never had that problem before. Gameguard is another thing that should be removed from the game as it causes many undue errors, increases server latency causing extreme lag, and also causes loading screens to take longer to load.

 You have to disable your anti-virus before loading the game.. after it loads, you can re-enable it.  And then what, even more bots and hackers get in?  And yes .. that said by the cheater who can't cheat, bots and rage gets blocked by gameguard ...  Why do you thinking that we are silly customer? 35 golden seed 50 flower and one glasses for 800 nc coin?


Blade and Soul semi-shirt Crimson Region

150ms is ok I think but so far im experiencing 250-280ms it sucks that class with ping dependant is not applicable to us like bm etc. Plus they added the dps thing that makes all SEA players quit because NA players Trashtalk and bully us a lot. Buy Blade and Soul Gold But I dont blame them. I really hope they would do something for us.

SEA server is not possible because we have taiwan japan and korea servers who doesnt even use english. If they would only join together SEA server thing is possible. There is an English patch for Taiwan. If your ping is that bad, you should try downloading the Taiwan one, and patch it if your ping is better.  We do have NCsoft Thailand but kinda on their own only.Probably their mindset " sea don't bring any profit " excuse etc etc.

I missed the semi-shirt Crimson Region should not do tasks A new Start now wants to do the tasks that they must do so Blade and Soul Gold ??  is the game on maintenance? Get ready to see orange in the next update!  Lulz, the game is half dead, infested with bots, some servers empty and latency is really unbearable and u are talking about legendary items? :D NCsoft is typical in every game. Fast cash and then let it die.

 Why talk about or care about what BnS is doing then? I love the game and I am looking forward to the update- if your not , quit following? what he said. Even tho ive been only playing for a few months i love the game. meanwhile i dont seen any bot in eu group 1 .. interesting.   when do you think you'll see a "latency improvement update". latency improvement update???


We still play Blade & Soul

I left a long time ago.. you don't care about your players at all. Why? It's really nice game usually it's really fast pace and very easy to level up already dear.&nbsp Buy FFXIV Gil; I haven't played this game in so long that I don't know whether or not any of the previous issues were fixed. NCSOFT are you reading all of the negative crap about this game? Fix it and stop doing anything else...

Can you please fixed logged in bugs it says system error failed to connect.  How do I disable antivirus in windows 10? 😥 We still play Blade & Soul. We don't play FFXIV anymore. cheap Blade and Soul Gold Are you playing BNS?  The afk people in tag matches is very annoying i hope They make new tournament with ESL and sure more better prize than bamboo outfits hahaha. plz crate new SEA Server, bcoz in NA i got fukin 300ms ping. I think they mispelt some things here.. I was reading "Looking forword to 2017 and the future of Blade & Bot Destroyer bot competitive play" "Bot Play Update"

Bots are now stealing players' accounts and spamming rewards. FFXIV Gil Maybe get better servers and maybe get a OCEANIC derver. HadrWhelky; Homey Chron; Grap Pactup; Tofollao Blenness for Bots. I hope you consider my request, it is annoying to work hard in the game to join someone unfairly money. Sorry for posting here but I had no way to get justice. I see this kind of thing several times on the same map is sad. Obs: American/ Server Gunma.

Hey I've been trying to go to Jiwan Peak for the story for awhile now. Everytime I use the Dragon Pulse at the end of Silverfrost Citadel, I get the to loading screen and it freezes up and says I've been disconnected from the server. It's happened 4 times at the same spot now so I'm pretty sure it's not a coincidence. Is there anything I can do to fix that or is it the game?


Blade and Soul dps

The act of copy-paste art, tracing or heavy reference is understandable if it is for self-improvement, or personal use. However, when you use such arts to enter a contest, it is like you use doping. Support a doped user is like a spit to other real-work contestants.

 I said it was best looking "to me" that's an opinion. Buy Blade and Soul Gold No critic is a fact, by nature they are opinionated. The controversy on it's origin bothers me as well but until we get an official statement from NCsoft I'm not going to grab a pitchfork and join everyone else who can't even be bothered to link a source to their claims. On a side note, what is your favorite from here? A lot of them are really great.

They could still probably out dps you. On a side note, majority of people think wonerland outfit is lame and copied . Cheezecake Aion thanks appreciate the sources, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I want NCsoft to respond to this. Maybe during their next livestream. You're gonna be waiting a long time. Gl getting one before you're dead. It took them 2 months to even make a folder for all the entries, and through all he threads and fb posts about cheating, Nc didn't say 1 word. Yeah.

Fair enough, soul fighter response was "dont ask" for loke 2 months then suddenly "its out tomorrow!" This is all they said on the matter: Rukkirii said:Greetings,Thank you for your feedback everyone. We will be taking your feedback to the team for discussion.and then not a word was heard again (that I saw, but I don't read the forums there all that often).


The FFXI support-job-esque "class"

The game has it's flaws, sure, all games do. However, imo, what makes this game stand out (and therefore hold my attention) is that it doesn't treat endgame exactly like FFXI or WoW. My advice, and haters can take it as they like because I won't bother responding to them, if you feel the game should be more like WoW, then go back to WoW. If you feel it should be more like FFXI, well, I guess you're SoL because FFXI is over.

It had it's time and is in the past now. buy FFXIV Gil If you want this game to be more like "X" game, then go back to "X" game rather than pining for this one to be more like "X" game. XI is better than this even now thats why i return to play that Cool info thanks so much. Lovely that the people who suggest things think their ideas are the best. There's a reason why they won't be implemented.

Also, if you really, really want XI, go play that. No need to make XIV XI v.2, that is what mostly caused XIV to fail. You're right. The FFXI support-job-esque "class" as a whole system caused 14 to fail. Cheap FFXIV Gil unfortunately no one here has an mmo created by themselves and yet so much "great ideas" lol just unsubscribe till they bring out a content you like and get back on. They are not forcing you to play it lol I for one cannot wait to continue the storyline. Cheers Square Enix.

Cool concept art, patch name and theming.Now, if you would announce you are getting rid of tomestones, this would be a turning point, i belive you would get back like 200k players in a breeze with that alone.  I'd personally like to hear your logic behind that.


Blade and Soul dungeons

Maybe because the moment you get to 45 you can't do anything, can't kill anything, can't afford anything can't even survive the dungeons you need without paying real money to afford all the ingame stuff you need. That's just my opinion from my experience if you don't like it don't comment simple.

 Is there anyway you guy can fix afk Whirlwin pvp ppl? Can't win if your group have 2-3 afk. I sadly still pay but haven't been able to play, Blade and Soul Gold I been taking care of my mom who got sick. But on my free time I still play. I hope she gets better soon. sooo the ruby is only for donators.... no way one can do it w/o the extra spin... paying now will give u more ap... sucks! sooo the ruby is only for donators.... no way one can do it w/o the extra spin... paying now will give u more ap... sucks!

Ho'o Pedro yes and no, since u need to complete 3 rounds to get it, that wont happen with only 2 spins so the only ones who has a chance to get it are the premiun accounts. Buy Blade and Soul Gold If u wanna the extra AP u need to donate. Without Premium you’ll still be able roll normally, receive the rewards you land on, and receive a Token of Devotion for landing on or passing Start.

as far as i understood it only appears on passing start for no premiuns and u can only pass the start twice a month with the 2 regular spins no 3. Some how Ncsoft alway seems to put a bad RNG so I'm guessing each time u spin it will miraculously go to 1 or 2 more times then b4 .


buying costumes for Blade and Soul Hongmoon Coin

Idk, I just do what I love within the game and progress normally instead of vigorously grinding like a madman. I'm also premium 9 (480 days of sub bought when game released, master pack gave some time) just by buying costumes for Hongmoon Coin. As a result my main has like 580 AP only, but meh, no more is needed for any content :P Buy Blade and Soul Gold So atm I just pvp every season an achieve great ranks across every class, cashing in every 1.5 months on season rewards. I typically earn around 1.5k-2k gold if not more.

Beyond that just daily challenge a few times weekly. It's pretty easy to progress, it'll come naturally while you're having fun. If you think you need to strive for 800 AP, you're gonna be disappointed, because it'll be ages before any content requires that amount of dps. Heck, KR removed Hell Island to optimize it, so it won't be added to EU anytime soon.

Just have fun doing what you love within the game . If you can't keep up with current prices you're just bad. If you can't keep up with the new ones, don't play MMORPGs.Which costs? You literally need 450AP to clear any current 6man, 500 if you're REALLY bad Blade and Soul Gold .

I am currently 2-3 months in with being a sub but I played back when the game was in beta. And even as a sub, I can't keep up with the cost of my gear. I saved 100g and still ended up with only 24g left to spend. so this makes me very happy. ^^


Blade and Soul dungeons

Honestly most mmos are grindy any more. I temp quit SWTOR because they fucked over subs that been with them since beta. Only B&S did to me was make me not wanna leave the game. Sure they are money grubing but a lot of mmos are these days. The most I ever paid for was a new outfit from the cash shop, Other than that I really didn't spend much. Blade and Soul Gold i think blade and soul the best :) not like everygame when u get the high lvl u dont have thing to do :) B&S 4 EVER.

Hinata Uzamaki But if you spent at least twice as long playing, or spent lots of money, you'd be at 700+ AP, not 614 AP, have about max HM level, all the HM skills unlocked, and have other top end stats too. That's the kind of level he seems to be talking about, getting way up there at the top for PvP, not just a generally passable level for dungeons.

If you want to do PvP in these games, you tend to need to do an insane amount of PvE to be considered properly competitive, while the amount of PvP *every* player MUST do is fairly trivial in comparison. Which is one of the reasons Buy Blade and Soul Gold why it doesn't make sense to call these sort of games PvP focused games, as if they really were focused on PvP, it'd be the other way around.

 You can also have Jin Soyun too but still waiting on a release date. Trying to get Poharan's partner title but ugh 100 runs of a dungeon no one does unless its on a daily challenge :< I have solo's it twice on my main but ugh takes forever lol and is a pain to solo.


Blade and Soul costumes are the best

*sighs*.......i was hoping for slutty, not classy escort >_>  If you want to see boobs you can just watch porn. i meant that for genders both female -and- male Blade and Soul Gold .but thank you for assuming i was some sex hungry hetero male gamer by all means... One I voted for didn't make it. I quit anyway so meh. Please someone tell me how long the sale lasts! Those 5 costume are the best! Epic choice!! I thought best friend was limited? Wtf was the point then? ...

 How about fish tail you want . Lol please don't have this contest then make it a PvP reward again I swear I'll quit this game after all that's happened recently.  Also agree with this. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I really hope it'll just be buy-able or a reward from the daily dash. I actually hope they make the top 3 for each region as more outfits = great. Is there a way to check how many entries are there at the moment? I don't even want to try if there are 500000000 entries made already...

Are we able to see the designs at all? Want to have a look at them before we get to voting. Too namn kaso waley din a yaw NEA I patch eh kea sun boring.  I was anxious to participate, until I read the rules... How is it possible that the contest is only for players from North america and mexico? What about all South Americans players? I asked in the Forum and they deleted my post... thanks for nothing...

Yo dawg we need more yukatas or joseon-era stuff. tomorrow at 2 PM PDT for a preview of Shadows of the Innocents with Jonathan Lien and Bethany Stout! How much of the story will be ltered/removed/ censored from this patch?  Faction 7 channel full cerulian.


GET RID of RNG on Soulstones Plains

I already purchase the free slot voucher but where is it,i can't find it and when i back to character lobby its said i dont have voucher for add new slot. the hrs spend to grind for item is crazy only to find that you need to grind for more inorder play the game further this is insane thank god i quit this soul suck game.

And you do realize if you dont have a certain amount of ap Blade and Soul Gold you will never be able to find a group ? Ok Ncsoft, let's clear things up. The game has problems and the main problem that is making people quit is GEARING UP. It's too damn expensive and the gap between new players and vets is insane. You are losing money, not making more money forcing people to play 10hours/day or spend $500 to gear up.

You gotta do something about that, quickly. How? Lowering the costs of all upgrades UNTIL legendary by minimum 50%. 

GET RID of RNG on Soulstones Plains,Buy Blade and Soul Gold it's completely frustrating to farm for 4 hours and get only 2-3 keys.. When we work and go nowhere we quit, you know that right? Many people already gave you the EASY and fast solution, put the SSP key on faction vendor for 30 Prestige Points. It'll NOT break the market, it'll help a lot the players and make more and more people to play Faction stuff and work together.

RNG event will NOT solve the materials problems. Nico clearly is NOT prepared to manage anything in this game, does he play it? Doesn't seem so. The Merchant of Wonders is amazing only to get the outfits, because you can't count that as a help on materials.


new event in Blade and Soul

Steven Laing no one cares about a carebear rage quitting a PVP! Game because they got killed by another player. If the only people quitting are people like you then good. Me and few million other players didn't quit. We still playing strong. Don't know what server you are on. 

I've been in 2 large guilds that dwindled down to a few active members due to people leaving the game. The game obviously will always have players but it would be foolish not to see the wasted potential Blade and Soul Gold for success had it been handled more efficiently by a better team (ArenaNet anyone?). In case you're wondering, I'm from Mushin. Vincent Bloom IKR it's so bad seeing so many boys crying over a game OMG I'm so new and still loving the game It's going to take me a very long time to figure out my skills but all in good time and my own time. tired of seeing these boys posts always crying or salty LOL grow up Act like a man hahaha.

 Miguel Avila Millions? in what server are you? most are ghosts towns that require cross server for a few mins in Queue to even get a dungeon going. There are too many issues for me to type out, so I'll keep simple. Fix your game and listen to your community. If you are going to pump out content this quickly make the upgrades costs cheaper. (no stupid half assed event, I'm looking at you Nebula Stone) So casual players like myself have a chance to catch up with the current content. I like the idea of bringing new content to the game, I hate the thought of not being able to do them.

 I agree. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I hate this new event. Should just give everyone a discount. I'm caught up but running into issues because I don't like pvp so it takes forever to upgrade gear or not at all because getting kicked from the new dungeons because AP is under 608532170 million . Guy on starfall told us on faction if you can't dedicate 12+ hrs a day then quit game because we are time wasters I'm guessing a lot quit but didn't log to see in 4-5 weeks.


cheap Blade & Soul Gold

Yeah the gear takes too much time. We already do the daily 24 mans, the daily pvp, the daily world pvp. And yet we are waaaay far from the endgame gear.cheap Blade & Soul Gold Unless you buy the items and gold from gold sellers - it's just way too hard to reach endgame gear.  Jennifer Sarkozy It is actually not that difficult. Take up crafting, try to learn to either solo the blue dungeons or bring your Clan/friends for guaranteed loot to craft MW Trans Stones , run with them for NL, etc.

1) Facebook isn't a medium for Customer Support.

2) They have mentioned in the livestream that hiring people to manually ban bots is only a short term solution. They're in the midst of coming up with one that is far more effective than the aforementioned.
 To those crying about the speed. Sorry but it takes about 10-20 hrs to have yourself fully optimized after the labyrinth patch. That is only 5-6 hrs a week since the release. Some people have been fully geared and optimized for 2 weeks Buy Blade and Soul Gold now with nothing to do and that is with only playing 2-3 a day.

They also have 6 months to have is fully caught up with Kr/JP for the e-sport world and that would include giving this chi-warriors a month or 2 to play and gear their characters.

30-50 Dollars? thats cheap as hell. But not everyone got it like that I understand I use to be broke back in the day. Stuck playing to trash free games. You'll get up there one day. BDO sucks. You and everyone else will get bored at end game content. Don't know why you post on here? Maybe you miss BnS?


Destroyers VS summoners in Blade and Soul

Jennifer Sarkozy You know they don't use macros in esl,and those that want to compete there are not using them. I really am enjoying this game, the game have challenging bosses and reactive mobs, the best pvp i ever played on an mmo, Blade & Soul Gold the story is decent, yes the bots and gold sellers are ruining the game but is not BnS fault, ... it′s the players ... that′s what u get for beeing free ... and i think they are doing a decent job fighting those "retards".As it is this game sucks all it offers is decent pvp combat and nice graphics and thats it. and everyone has been brainwashed with that idea , i get it is based on pvp but why is it wrong for players to expect actual content in an mmorpg asides from pvp , why did they even bother creating the open world ? Buy Blade and Soul Gold i get its based in pvp and hence why i point out it has good pvp and graphics, still doesnt make me wrong.

F2p.Nice dungeons. Nice open world fights. Nice upgrade system. Decent story. And it's not p2w. boring lazy cliche story that makes people wanna slap their characters on the face over and over , extremely boring repetitive dungeons,obsolete crafting system, combat and spam bots heaven , upgrade system that flat out brings game progress to a halt at some point in the game , 2 Free character slots , store items arent account bound and to top it off cost as cheap as 20+$ nearly everything in this game is counterproductive and counter intuitive ,oh yeah Npcs flat out drop 0 currency unless you're premium as well , all this game has is pvp and more pvp via open world pvp.

Destroyers bots...summoners bots and AFKers in arena..pretty sums up my experience. Can u put a Barber shop? So i can edit my character hair for 10 silvers or so. You get prestige points for killing other players. You get insignias for killing enemy pvp npcs. If you want to hunt it's there for you. Sorry they can't hand everything else to you, even though they handed hunting to you. Only based game on arena and ahh oh one dayli pvp open world map... Not only on mystic wood not open world and on arena your gear is useless u know?


Game got balanced on Feb 10th

Game got balanced on Feb 10th bro. Read the patch notes, we got the skill changes that korean one had. actually the balance was for lvl 50 so we still got to wait until we get lvl 50 patch. we all ready but will you give us extra character slot for this new class .

They promised char slots increase with each new class now cheap Blade & Soul Gold if its free or not is unknown. Well they do that in TERA but so far I only need 2-3 slots that I would buy an extra one as if I need to when they release warloc. Yeah it is confirmed to be a free slot regardless YAY Warlock I think the chars I will make might be Warlock (main) Blade Master and Force Master and if I don't like a BM or FM I would go for a second warlock. Roy Masters I use force master kungfu and will make warlock .In NA might be my main will be warlock.

 Please, no more rng boxes! Just put the costume in the shop, so everyone can buy them without having to spend a lot of money.  Yes, i found this game to be a goldmine, now this is killing it for me. On other games you would need to find a trusted real money ingame coin seller and those could be sometimes hard to find, and besides that i could exchange gold for something else.However that is "illegal" and they didnt make enough money because of bots so this is the solution i presume. Game was perfectly fine before this.

I don't blame ya Blade and Soul Gold . Surely everyone becomes bored with the current contents. Tbh im getting bored myself but that doesnt stop me from playing bns. But hey if people choose to leave, let them do so. I aint judging. Cheers bro(:  the game isnt p2w unless you wanna get all costumes..in pvp items doesnt matter, pve all the items you need can be farmed.


Blade & soul is a F2P game

Good game this one, but what is up with no coins gain by killing stuff as a f2p?  I still can't login in the game, when i log in this notice "disconnect from server error 1000" always appear. someone have solution for this problem? Have you updated the game?

Alright who else is getting error 200. cant' get past the launcher bcos of the damn 85 bytes repair file thingy.

Blade & Soul i sumbited a ticket 4 hours ago but you didn't get back to me so i am writing here Blade and Soul Gold . Servers are down or something? For an hour now i have massive lag and now i can't connect to the server. Clearly, there are lag that happened after that went the 47 MB patch this horrible server can not play.

They are supposedly working on an unlock item to send to other account characters. They should just make wardrobe shared, at least for store items, and make it a premium feature. Id actually pay for premium then Buy Blade and Soul Gold , totally not worth it as it is. WTH we cant transfer items to other characters? damn this game got really terrible rulles. CAN YOU OWN SERVER PING PLEASE? Don't give us a fucking outfits that gives nothing but own game performance.

How about attending to the more pressing matter at hand..your arena servers lag so badly and they have been for a while...do you not see the amount of people pouring into forums asking you to at least respond to the issue!? Dont fail us we love this game dont ruin it.


Blade and Soul launcher is so fucked

My account got locked for more then 2 days for suspicious activity. Contacted support but they didnt gimme any reason why it was locked. They just said working on it and will reply soon. 2 days passed nothing was done. Can't get passed the loading screen, i enter my security code and that's it, i've missed so many daily spins like this to get the special luna outfit Buy Blade and Soul Gold . help?!

Calm down guys.... they already said that will me Maintenace becouse of this. Check forum to see. We can just wait and hope that they will fix this problem...Wish u luck Guys.  I have 1 mounth premium membership and the server is closed each day for hours any extra day for premium?  judging from the millions of complaints I've read and seen this game doesn't seem like it's worth trying lol. Good choice. Game is down everyday for hours and when it comes back up it's full of bugs. Don't waste your time here.

The website, the game launcher is so fucked for me ive been trying to get b&s working for about a week now, can you seriously fix your programming. E02018 will be etched in your head forever..good game while it lasted.. 2 days and patchher has died 3 times..dnt waste ur time BNS Gold..

Ive gotten it 3 times. It's a common error. Google it. It's sad what ppl go through to try to bypass it. It's a good game, but to me, not worth the stress. Believe it's actually gameguard that's causing it..  Advice,do not make asassin,the sin in this game worst class in mmorpg history.unless the enemy is noob,u can barely win,and i dont want to struggle,a looooooooooooooooot with the decent ;players.


Blade & Soul game playing

Also, while I'm writing this I might as well include this: Please take a look at the Wardrobe feature and fix it whenever possible. So many obtainable costumes are missing from it, and whenever we obtain one of those, we can't wardrobe it due to it not existing within the wardrobe. Much appreciated!

This game has great potential, but even when I am able to log in it'll crash 20 min. in usually when I'm in combat & I'll be dead when I log back in, if I can log back in.

  ONE QUESTION? currency exchange feature its working? found lots of articles about it but none says how to unlock it. fount on a forum someone saying Blade & Soul Gold it wasnt working some days ago. when will it work again? And keep up the amazing work . Yay! I was always suggesting this every time i receive the survey in game smile emoticon BSH and Mushin Tower here I come!  Wow reading all of this about chat spam, and SOME server issues I think I'll wait 6 months to play. I'm still happy in FFXIV. Gonna give them time to get things together.

I don't understand this level 50 business? cheap Blade & Soul Gold Will we be able to level up to level 50. Or will the extra 5 levels be something else? It doesn't entirely make sense. I believe its HM5 like the lvl 50 cap that is up to HM20. Will likely be updated in the next couple of months to be lvl 50 with HM20.The HM5 they say will unlock additional 5 skill points which makes sense.


Blade dancer, force master,

Download link will be out today ( Friday) at some point. Matthew Coffield Did they say this during a stream or something? o . o I haven't seen anywhere where they mentioned this D Buy Blade and Soul Gold : I missed the stream. Klayton Liggins im also wondering where people are getting this info that the download will be available today..

Guys curious since there is no oceanic server which one is the best and what class would be the best to play as i will be getting 170-300ms ping lag if on NA or EU.Thanks looking foward to playing. Summoner is the only one listed as "easy." Blade dancer, force master, and destroyer are "normal." The others are "hard," or "expert." Likely a decent idea of how badly ping might effect them. Jordan Croteau dang i really don't want to play as a long range character... Guess i will just play dps blade dancer and if anyone gets pissy at me i will tell them "lag".

KFM but if laggy.. better play as Summoner... or FM... my Ping around 150 - 300 last time i play since im from SEA.. winning 10 out of 100 PvP in arena ahahaha . Whenever i try to "login" to B&S, it starts the game, and i get a window saying "OTP Authentication Key" But everything i write in the box of 6 digits BNS Gold.. it says it's wrong.. :s i dunno if this just is there because it's not released and live yet or w/e but i wanna get it overwith if it's something i can do right now..

System requirements for ultra high settings? I have hdd 500 gb ssd, Intel i5 750 @2,60hz, sapphire radeon r7 370 nitro 4gb ddr5, 12 gb ram. HELP I install the Bns_liteinstaller but when i run it as admin on desktop it says browse NClauncher??? should the launcher come with the installer? or i download it separately? I need download the game again or have a patch for Live version? You will have to download from a link they have yet to put out yet, will be in next couple of days.


Do you need a founders pack to play Blade & Soul on NCsoft

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Click below to watch live.Hey guys ive been looking everywhere on the internet but I found nothing that could answer my question. Do you need a founders pack to play Blade & Soul on NCsoft? Daniel Haddock holy smokes thank you so much! I did see that the release date was on the 19th of January I just didn't know if it was true or not, I live in Ontario Canada so I will be able to play it on the 19th? Yeah. The founder packs are for closed beta entry, some in game benefits, and starting on the 15th instead of the 19th cheap Blade & Soul Gold That's all.

Ok gotcha thanks Jordan Croteau. saw the game streaming the internettoday, I must say thee most detailed well effort put Anime MMO I have ever seen. They picked a good engine to work with when making this for Korea. Unreal Engine 3 is holding up really well for its age, and the game will really benefit from that and being stylized for its own aging.  is it coming with the warlock and the soul fighter to?

NA version is like 2 years behind, i'm guessing they'll add warlock next year, and soul fighter year after. no the warlock will come out 1-2 months after release with new chapters added to the game, and we're not two years behind more like 3-5 patches if that. Blade & Soul, What date will you make available for us to download?

I need download the game again or have a patch for Live version? BNS Gold i can't wait next Friday i so want to playing it !  is this game going to be available on steam? i have great hopes for this game. It took a while for TERA to go on STEAM. Hopefully, this BnS won't take that long.