Three armour classes

Defensive = High HP, high defence, low damage.
Offensive = High damage, low HP, low defence.
Balanced = Better damage, better defence, low HP.

And there is no new armor being released. Being more comfortable with taking hits than damage output, can I assume that my Bandos armor is now offensive, meaning that I may need to buy degradable armor to adjust to my better style?
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Alpha Runescape is better than Runescape 2

Everything is resizable, very custom.

At First Glance:

Cons- The settings option was very hard to find. The little cog is quite small.

Someone already mentioned this, but we need to be able to zoom further out. I zoomed out as far as possible (which was not very much difference) and everything was too close to my character.  I feel worthy to buy runescape accounts.


NICE. Very customizable, I love how literally everything is resizable (minimap included) to suit your needs. Someone else already mentioned this but we do need to be able to zoom out further. I scrolled out as far as possible (which was not very much) and I feel like everything is still a little close to my character. These are really good so we should support runescape accounts for sale.

I love how things like the inventory etc became scrollable so they take up less of the screen space.Pretty cool looking. Now I just wish I had beta access.

Other than that, man this looks awesome. Love the usability and how things like the inventory are now scrollable, meaning they can take up less space on your screen.

I've been playing around with the interfaces and I like very much what I see. It's similar to most applications in that you can drag, drop and make new tabs and even hide certain windows. The only thing I would like to see if it's possible is to add a feature that allows interfaces to "snap to" each other.

Unfortunately, that is all I could do. When I login, the screen is black and I cannot move around at all. If this can change, Jagex can sell runescape accounts more than before.

Best of all, I can view the skills and quest tab and talk at the same time. This makes dungeoneering herblore a lot easier when people ask what they need for a potion.


I am pleased with NIS Alpha

As a runescape veteran, I am actually pleased with this update.

Excellent work from the Jagex team!

Recommendations: It's absolutely perfect but one feature.. the abilities. Out of all the era's in runescape, pre-eoc was by far my favorite. Returning Special Attacks, and depleting abilities will absolutely sky-rocket your sales.Jagex must earn a lot from Runescape accounts selling.

I highly recommend the Jagex team creating a pole asking if you want the Abilities to stay, or if people want the Special attacks and pre-eoc combat back.

You do this in the 07 game, so I would suggest you do it here.

Very proud of you Jagex, absolutely phenomenal work.If more improvements made, there will be more players searching for cheap runescape accounts.

When does this release for sure into the live game?

Its is also a bit annoying having AWSD rotate the camera. The camera moves if i happen to type in the chat with those letters.

The camera should be able to zoom out more. Default is zoomed in a little too much, making it hard to see at times.

The options menu should have its own button. It is fairly difficult to find ( just a small little button at the top right of menu bar.


Why people didn't play Runescape Beta

 People didn't play Beta because Jagex ignored everyone. Why would I waste my time on the Beta when all of my feedback was tossed in the trash? I played Beta very, very often. Yet, every single idea/suggestion, all of my feedback, all of my bug reports were ignored. Even so, I actively played the Beta because I knew I was going to have to get used to the shoddy system they would try to dish out. Sure enough, they did it, and I was prepared. Sometimes I doubt whether buy rs account to or not.

I'm not claiming Momentum should be as good as abilities. Not at all. In fact, as I stated before, Momentum shouldn't exist at all. However, the ****** system we have right now is what made Momentum a requirement for many players. If they actually took their time in perfecting the EoC, Momentum wouldn't ever be needed in any situation.Do I need to sell runescape accounts?

I may come off as extremely rude, and I apologize for that, but as a game developer, I know when **** like this needs to be fixed as a priority. And unfortunately, the game developers that own RuneScape cannot see this.c

Slayer Model task input interface

The slayer model is a spreadsheet tool that requires no download. It can be used to predict various outcomes of your personal slayer task list such as how long your goal will take and how many charms you will get. I have been testing slayer on and off for over 2 years and have created this tool, I hope you can make great use of it.

To use it you simply need to log in to your google account, click file and click make a copy and then you will be able to accounts for sale runescape edit your copy to suit how you prefer to slay.

The task input interface

The input should be self explanatory. Here you specify which tasks you do, block and cancel and how fast you kill the monsters. The default kills per hour are based on the fastest method to buy runescape accounts kill monsters, normally this means using a cannon, steel titan, overloads, prayers and abilities.

When changing which tasks are done and cancelled keep an eye on the E(Slayer points) output, this number is how many points you will gain on average per task assigned. If this is negative that means that the task list specified is not sustainable long term and you will lose points. You should aim to have a positive E(Slayer points) value unless you have excess points to get rid of. Players looking to optimise which tasks they block and which they cancel should look at the “Task logs” sheet to see how common each of the tasks that they wish to avoid are and block the most common of those to save points.

Input how many you kill per hour, you cannot simply put in your xp per hour but just use this to know when you have entered the correct kills per hour.


Where to train skills on Runescape

If you are searching for good places to train skills on runescape, this article can give you many good suggestions on where to train skills on runescape.

For cooking, the cooking guild has all of the supplies to make wine. Fly fishing near Barbarian village is quick exp. The willows near Draynor are good exp.
For mining and smithing, you can mine 100's of iron, then smelt and smith it.
As for fighting, just go on a killing rampage on high level, but easy to kill monsters.
You can range and mage the locked demon in the wizard tower.
Firemaking you don't have a choice. There is bone respawns in the chaos temple in the wild.

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farmer100 runescape and farmer100 fraud: How do think about Runescape combat triangle?

farmer100 runescape and farmer100 fraud: How do think about Runescape combat triangle?: The combat triangle is in pure balance but the weapons aren't: magic (ancients) = instant stuns/frosts (no chance to free/flee); R...

How do think about Runescape combat triangle?

The combat triangle is in pure balance but the weapons aren't: magic (ancients) = instant stuns/frosts (no chance to free/flee); Range stuns are often 15seconds+ = good fight; some weapons are to powerful for their worth like: Royal crosbow was designed for powerful boss killing now it's more used for pking like any kind of range weapons. Melee 2H is good but dual is under rated because the damage is to bad (except drygore)

It is a royal crossbow against a bandos godsword.

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Too bad the combat triangle got? Many Runescape accounts for sale are waiting for talented players to buy!


A brand new edition of the BTS videos

Why do people hate eoc that much? Now that Jagex has already released the 07 for those nostalgia-hungry players, just stop complaining already and go back to game.

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Most people dont enjoy it because they are lazy fucks who cant be bothered to learn something new and actually makes runescape A LOT better than it was.....

Says EoC makes runescape better.


I have played runescape for several years

I'd like to know how you guys (being Runescape) manage to cope with having such a barbaric fan base, whom are so afraid of change and growth that they spread the hatred of it? It's just the most ridiculous thing I have ever come across in gaming. People should realize that an mmorpg is a game that is meant to grow and change. The updates that have come and gone have been great and I have high hopes for a bigger and more built game in the future. I just wish people could open there eyes and see it that way. Anyways just needed t rant about that, and pretty cool magazine cover.

I just prefer playing a game with a proper community that isn't built around 12 year old pre-mature try-hards. Oh the bots can get in the way too and how to sell rs accounts.
No one even calls this game RuneScape anymore. The main game is known as "EOC".
This is because RuneScape has and always will be about the simplicity game-play of a complex game. It's the complete opposite to other MMORPGs.

Now if you like EOC, that's fine by me. BUT don't think you have one up again 07 players because you don't. Sort out your game community, get the YouTube community back and the forums and guide website etc.

Oh and to those 12 year olds that built the majority of the EOC player base, grow up and learn some proper manors and social skills. I went onto buy runescape account the EOC servers for a bit recently and no one was talking to eachother and if there was a conversation it was similar to "I'm better than you. You suck"

Jagex wont do anything about it because they only care about people buying spins and membership.

Wow I still see children argue about EOC dead, I played rs when it was in 2007, and i play still be cause i love it, EOC made it much better, and much more interesting, They brought 07 back because people asked for it. so let me say this. IF your a real Rs fan, you would enjoy Rs, even if EOC, whats makes you not a real rs fan, being lazy to skilfully battle.


different comments on Combat Beta tutorial 2012

The reason most of the players play Runescape is beacuse it's not like other games, it's a unique game, an awesome game.     The way of fighting is one of the bigger reasons why the game is unique. I mean the game I play is Runescape, with EoC it's not Runescape. You guys taking bit for bit away Runescape from the game. If you are going to make so many updates and new things why not make a new game then instead of bit for bit deleting and ruin another? If you are going to make the EoC permanent then please put it on another game you make or not have it on all of the servers. The way I and many other people don't like with the EoC is because it's a new type of playing, like a new game, not have you play the game that it should be.EoC making Runescape different so you think about it in another way or like an another game. I hope you understand what I mean why it's not good. And as I said if you are going to make the EoC do so you can play Runescape without it on some other servers or something.

"Answering your players". You think they will respond to all idiots out there who ask stupid questions? They will try what they can to answer relevant questions, not bullcrap like "omg, eoc will ruin runescape". If it was an interview, I don't think you'd see professionals listen to complaining kids, right? They would be like "Kids, go back to your mother, adults are trying to work here". It's the same for Jagex. They will answer real questions as best as they can, not stupid complaints thrown at them. Because yeah, there are a lot of them. Very fitting to the amount of immature players. Not exactly what Jagex is looking for...
November 5, 2012 at 3:36pm · Like · 3

Michael, the beta is now more about the triangle of balance. Don't think you will be able to smack mages or a warrior player with a melee sword as much as you used to. That's why the academy exists, to explain all of that to you. Once you get the strategy, you'll do fine.

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This is the first interview in which the actor talks about Jeremy's death.

Did you see it coming or was it a surprise for you too?
I was told that I would have the desire to kill the main character, my sister Elena, so I thought that might cause some problems.

You see Jeremy back somehow?
Umm, I hope, perhaps in a flashback or something. Because my body burned ...

Was there anything that you would like to see Jeremy do? Or maybe something that you liked him as an actor take?
During the first couple of seasons Jeremy was a wimp. In the latter has fought vampires and that was very fun to play. Although I would have loved to see Jeremy on a motorcycle.A Paul Wesley got one!

Your character was not in the books. Would this was in the back of your mind, with regard to your destination on the show?
If I had in mind that I am a four year old girl named Margaret?There were some days I did! [laughs].

The Heroes of RuneScape Ariane

A riane is a heroine who doesn't believe in convention. She is a free spirit, hungry to explore the lands of Gielinor to uncover magic's secrets. She hates the idea that all of magic's answers could be listed in a single spellbook, and that there is nothing left for her to discover. Her deep desire to understand more of the world has borne fruit - she is one of the most powerful magic users you will ever cross paths with, and adversaries tremble at the mere mention of her name.

Ariane believes that the art of magic has many more secrets to offer, and disagrees with the strict doctrine of wizards. She believes that gaining experience of the wider world is the best way to improve one's abilities, rather than rummaging desperately in the past.

Ariane was raised in Seers' Village and has spent her life researching magic. She has often been accused of neglectfully exploring the fringes of magic. She has spent a portion of her life studying at cheap runescape accounts the Wizards' Tower and the Wizards' Guild. To underestimate her knowledge of magic would be unwise at best...

Seriously I want to make a shout out to Jagex. Yo, you all are amazing. I freakin LOVED RS back in the day. And now since you brought back it? I'm continuing to love every minute just like as if I was selling runescape accounts picking up from where I left off. You all rock @Runescape.


The RuneScape Team

The bandits and ne’er-do-wells of the Wilderness Warbands make for the most dangerous distraction & diversion yet.
Bandosian Warlord Outfit

Arriving on the Squeal of Fortune this weekend, this cosmetic armour is inspired by the ultra-tough leaders of the Bandos and Armadyl camps: the Bandosian Warlord and the Armadylean Archon.
Armadylean Archon Outfit

You’ll have an increased chance of bagging these warband wares from Friday 29th March 00:00 GMT until Monday 1st April 23:59 GMT. They’ll still be on the wheel after this, but your best chance of grabbing some warband armour is this weekend!

You can purchase spins here, or by clicking ‘Add Spins’ in the Squeal of Fortune interface. Don’t forget that members get two daily spins instead of one!

The RuneScape Team

I can't believe people are still whining about EoC. You guys have your 07 servers, so go use them instead of crying and selling runescape accounts. EoC has made the game better than ever and adds more trying instead of click and watch. Honestly the game is moving forward and you people need to buy runescape account either catch up or cut loose. In any case keep up the good work Jagex, love the way the game is going.


Runescape activity in March

If you are experienced players, I think you must know some galleries once held in runescape to stimulate your drawing skills icons and get some rewards to enrich your runescape accounts.

Now I want to share two pictures of some awesome title cards that are created by Cartoonist prezleek for various quests in RS. Also you can go to DeviantArt channel to have a look.

Art1 runescape sell accounts, art 2 buy rs account

Currently, the IRL crafting levels up by Molehole from Reddit using the awesome Armadyl Godsword. If you are good at drawing, you can send your creations to runescape community.